July 23, 2024
CSU President, Ken Styron

What’s New for CSU

Dear students and alumni,

It is with honor that I address you all as your new CSU president. I have been a part of this organization for many years, so it is both humbling and exciting to be in this position.

I began my CSU career in 2002 in information technology. Together, we built CSU’s in-house student records database, Omega, from scratch. This June, we celebrated Omega’s 10th anniversary. Omega allows us to have a centralized system for all of our students’ information, which ultimately helps us to meet your needs efficiently. Not only is Omega’s anniversary a great example of the emphasis that we place on technology, but it’s also a testament to the growth that CSU has experienced over the past decade.

That’s what I love about CSU: We are always growing and pushing forward. My personal mantra is to always think one step ahead. To be able to do that, I encourage you to share your experiences with me. I want to know what’s working (or not working) so that we can keep providing you with best experience and pivot where necessary. If you ever have questions or comments, I would love to hear them.

Another area that I am very proud of is CSU’s community outreach program. Every year, one of our biggest initiatives is fundraising for our local Relay for Life, a community effort that benefits the American Cancer Society. This year, we hosted a raffle for gift baskets, each one designed by one of our departments. We also hosted a Relay for Life T-shirt design contest and casual dress days for employees who donate. I would love to hear how you give back or participate in charitable events; let me know in a comment below.

Another big development for CSU recently is our partnership with the BCSP Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is “investing to create and grow a safer global community; protecting those we serve” and I am proud that we are able to do this alongside them. As many of you know, CSU has held occupational safety and health at the forefront of its academic promise since the school was founded 25 years ago, so this partnership means a lot to us. I think it will mean a lot to many of our Knights as well.

In the coming months and years, I look forward to connecting with you more through the Communicator and other channels. If you are ever in Orange Beach or at one of our events across the country, I hope you will stop by to say hello.



Ken Styron

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