July 21, 2024

An Exciting New Chapter for CSU

Dear Students and Alumni,

This spring brings many exciting changes and happenings at Columbia Southern University. The first of which is our 25th anniversary celebration. We’ve come a long way since 1993, but we’ve never lost sight of the values and family culture on which CSU was founded.

As you may recall, I recently sent an email to students announcing my transition out of the role of president of CSU. I will still be very much involved with CSU as I continue as the CEO of Columbia Southern Education Group, the parent company of CSU and its sister institution, Waldorf University. It took years of thought and prayer to make this decision, but I truly believe it is the best decision for the school—and what better time than now, our 25th anniversary.

Beginning May 1, 2018, CSU’s Chief of Staff, Ken Styron, will transition into the role of president. Since joining CSU in 2002, Ken has greatly impacted the university and has an excellent understanding of all the University’s operations. He has grown from director of IT, vice president of instructional design and technology, chief information officer and chief of staff. I have no doubt that his experience and passion for innovation will lead CSU to great heights. I look forward to continuing to work with Ken.

So your new president, Ken Styron, will pen the next message that you receive. My hope is that you will welcome him as warmly as you did for me when this column first began six years ago. I am grateful for the journey that we’ve been on for the past 25 years, and for each and every one of you who have made CSU part of your journey to personal growth. As 2018 progresses, I am looking forward to a bright future for CSU—and for you!

God Bless,

Robert Mayes

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  1. Bartholomew Reed

    Congratulations, from Bartholomew Reed CSU Alumnus, and current MBA Student. CSU is shining a light for Academic Excellence. I’m proud to witness these awesome changes.

  2. Bimley West

    President Mayes,

    Thank you for all the you have done over the years of service as President of CSU. I am blessed to have attained my Master’s Degree during your presidency at CSU. Your leadership and encouragement to all students have made the learning challenges memorable and rewarding. God Bless you and continue to guide your decisions. Thank you! Bimley West

  3. Adrienne Bell

    Good luck on your new path in your career Robert Mayes, you and I joined CSU at the exact same time and so happens this is my last year also.

    Congratulation Ken Styron on filling the shoes as President, may your new career be a delightful one for years to come.

  4. Winona Penn

    To: President Mayes and Incoming president, Mr. Styron…many thanks for your wonderful leadership and great contributions to Columbia Southern University. As a relatively new CSU online grad student, residing in Washington, DC, I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting you, nor any of the fine CSU staff. However, I’ve been fortunate to experience (thus far) excellent training/ teaching from the CSU talented professors as well as the outstanding professionalism of all other staff persons who deal with us students regarding our records, transactions of all sorts, course-related reminders, and the list continues. CSU is a grand educational institution and I’m grateful to be a small part of its activities. Many good wishes to all and have a nice day.