June 22, 2024
CSU President, Ken Styron

President’s Message | December 2020

Dear students and alumni,

Flexibility, humility and perseverance. These are three values that drive our organization and our culture. It’s through these values, even in adversity, that we have continued to achieve numerous milestones this year: our 50th Quality Matters course, new course launches, and more. Now, more than ever, we are leaning on these values to keep us moving forward.

To all of you who are on the frontlines fighting this virus, you are heroes. Thank you for your service. We are blessed to have so many faculty members who are dedicated to keeping their communities safe while still keeping their students a priority. Thousands of students and alumni are doing the same in their own communities, putting their education and experience into action. This is why we are here, to serve others in times of crisis.

This year, we saw the same outpouring of service here on the Gulf Coast. As many of you may be aware, we have seen a record number of hurricanes this season. Homes were destroyed, families were uprooted, businesses were flooded and thousands were without power. Through this and more, our community joined together for the greater good.

That’s what it’s all about, right? Coming together during a time of need? There’s no better example of that than a local graduate, Tammy Davis, who is the office manager for Prodisee Pantry, here in Baldwin County, Alabama. She and her team have worked countless hours this year to meet the needs of those in our community with food insecurity. After all, food is love, especially here in the South. What better way to show love to your neighbor than to feed them? You can learn more about her story here.

Speaking of graduates, this year we celebrated our very first virtual commencement ceremony. Although it was probably not how many might have imagined their graduation to look, it was an incredible milestone, nonetheless. If you haven’t already watched the ceremony, I invite you to do so today.

The holidays are approaching and many of your celebrations and gatherings may look different. Many of you may not be gathering at all. However you choose to commemorate this sacred time of year, we wish you all the best as we close this year and look forward to a fresh start. We are incredibly blessed with you, our students and alumni, and each other.

Ken Styron

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