April 15, 2024
CSU President, Ken Styron

President’s Message | October 2020

Dear students and alumni,

October is usually a busy time at CSU. Campus is bustling as we prepare for our graduates to visit and celebrate commencement with their loved ones here in Orange Beach. I always have enjoyed the electricity that pulses across campus during this time of year.

This year, however, will look a lot different. We have faced many challenging decisions as our country is faced with the COVID-19 pandemic and our local Gulf Coast communities are continuing to recover from Hurricanes Laura, Sally and Delta. Sally brought devastating destruction that will take weeks to repair. Many of our employees are still dealing with damage and setbacks, as well.

As you may know, this year’s commencement ceremony will take place virtually, due to the pandemic, and was postponed to Dec. 4, 2020, due to Hurricane Sally. A virtual ceremony may be very different from what we’re used to, but the celebration will be just as significant. This is a time to honor your commitment to your education and to celebrate the accomplishments of so many graduates who will receive their diploma this year.

I look forward to 2021 when we will once again gather on campus. For now, if you are graduating this year, know that we are so proud of you and will be celebrating your efforts with pride and excitement as you flip your tassel on Dec. 4.

Ken Styron

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  1. Tran Thi Thuy Dung

    Dear Mr. President of CSU,

    Last week, we had a remarkable Commencement Ceremony here in Vietnam. We have seen many clips about the CSU as well as listened to alumni sharing about their successful academic achieves. It created a huge motivation for us to start this long journey.
    I hope I will be able to attend the Graduation Ceremony right there in CSU in Orange Beach as one of the most excellent graduates in 2022.
    Wishing you and the CSU all the best ahead!
    Best regards,
    Dung Tran (Darcy Tran)

    1. Libby Reilly

      Good morning, Darcy! Thank you so much for your message. I am glad to hear the Vietnam Commencement was a success! We hope to see you in Orange Beach soon.


      Libby Reilly
      Communications Coordinator
      CSU Marketing