July 23, 2024

Columbia Southern University Launches Nine New Online Programs

To help you fall into learning this season, Columbia Southern University recently launched nine new online degree and certificate programs. CSU has added new degree programs and concentrations in military studies, environmental management, emergency medical services administration, health care and occupational safety and health.

In a continued effort to address environmental sustainability, two new bachelor’s programs feature a concentration in energy and land-use management. Also, four of the new programs offer concentrations in the Bachelor of Science in military studies, which will be hosted by CSU’s new College of Military Studies and Leadership.

“Our new programs provide more opportunities to educate today’s adult learner on key topics within their chosen industries as well as extend the caliber of our offerings with focused concentrations,” said Janell Gibson, Ph.D., provost and chief academic officer.

The new additions include:

  • M.S. Health Care Administration
  • B.S. EMS Administration – Mobile Integrated Health
  • B.S. Environmental Management – Energy and Land-Use Management
  • B.S. Occupational Safety and Health – Energy and Land-Use Management
  • B.S. Military Studies – Information Technology
  • B.S. Military Studies – International Management
  • B.S. Military Studies – Leadership
  • B.S. Military Studies – Supply Chain Management
  • Graduate Certificate – Instructional Design and Technology

Earlier this year, CSU released 27 new programs, including its B.S in environmental management with a concentration in sustainability. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, CSU ranks in the top 3% in the nation for most bachelor’s degrees conferred in natural resources conservation and research, a classification of instructional programming that aligns with environmental management. For more information, visit

Source: Compared to institutions with Natural Resources and Conservation Research degrees, IPEDS 2021, ID #450933. Completions. (

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  1. Cynthia Robinson

    Congratulations columbia southern university for launching new online programs. It would great to launch new online Doctorate programs as well. After I complete my MBA program. I want to start my Doctorate program with columbia southern university.