July 23, 2024
CSU Doctor of Business Administration Graduates

2022 Doctor of Business Administration Students Defend Doctoral Dissertations

The following Doctor of Business Administration students recently defended their dissertations. Congratulations to all!

Carlos Debose
“Changing Organizational Performance and Job Satisfaction Using the Transformational Leadership Model”

Stanita Scott
“An Exploratory Case Study: Analysis of the Financial Crisis of 2008 from a Risk Management Perspective”

Jeff Baier
“Remote Work Survey of Michigan Automotive Component Suppliers”

Teri Lee
“A Quantitative Correlational Study on Job Satisfaction and Turnover in the Mental Health Industry”

Gena Cummings
“Nursing Shortages in Georgia’s Hospitals: A Single Case Study”

Juanita Jarrett
“Leadership Strategies of a Multi-National Beverage Organization:  A Single Case Study for Retaining Employees”

Carmen Crawley
“African American Women’s Experiences in the Commercial U.S. Nuclear Power Industry”

William Brothers
“Leadership Strategies to Retain High Performing Community College Faculty: A Single Case Study”

Sharna Williams
“How Managerial Support of Work Life Balance Programs Impact Employee Performance in Terms of Job Satisfaction, Retention and Motivation”

Claudine Beckford
“Competency- Based Training Approaches for Closing the AI Technology Talent Gap”

 James Catt
“Leadership Style and Employee Engagement for Multi-generational Employees Within Teleworking Environments”

 Danny- Patricia Bertrand
“A Quantitative Analysis of Work Environment, Employee Status and Job Satisfaction at an Information Technology Company”

Beersheba Oliver
“Examining the Relationship Between Nurse Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention During the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Correlational Study”

 Pacita Taitano
“Factors of Successful Expatriate Adjustment and Outcomes: A Multiplicity of Nationals in Foreign Assessments”

Veola Bryant-Wallace
“Reducing Scrap in a Manufacturing Environment: An Action Research Study”

Raymond Solomon
“Realizing Increased Sales of Organic Fruits and Vegetables Health Enhancement Perception, Product Loyalty and Product Involvement: Quantitative Study”

Robert Bussberg
“Small Restaurant Business Owner Strategies Needed to Survive a Crisis”

Arthur Alexander
“An Analysis of Forensic Accounting and Corporate Fraud”

Gil Moreno Jr.
“Barriers to Job Satisfaction: A Quantitative Study of Generational Cohorts and Education Levels in the Hospitality Industry”

Rhonda Bryant
“Exploring Strategies for Managing Telework: Federal Managers’ Perspective”

Toney Mykel
“A Quantitative Analysis of Institutional Brand Message Alignment with Post-Secondary Learner Experiences in Career and Technology Education”

David Coney
“Age and Job Satisfaction in the Financial Management Industry: A Quantitative Analysis”

 Karen Grabenstein
“The Impact of Leadership Practices on Rural Healthcare and Employees”

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