May 30, 2024
CSU President, Ken Styron

President’s Message | September 2021

Dear students and alumni,

As we near the end of summer and welcome the fall season, it is a fitting time to pause and reflect on this past year’s moments of greatness and times of adversity. By looking back and appreciating what we have overcome, we can confidently move forward into what this new season has to offer.

Looking back, the support of our students, alumni and faculty have been vital this past year. I want to thank those who are on the frontlines as the world continues to fight this virus. You are appreciated. With so many unknowns in the world today, I am thankful for the CSU Knight family that continues to serve in their own communities. It is crucial now more than ever that we commit to unity. CSU is always here to support you in any way you need.

Speaking of community, CSU was recently awarded the 2021 Blackboard Catalyst Award for community engagement. Through the work of co-founder Chantell Cooley and instructional designer Elizabeth MacWhinnie, CSU was recognized for its continuing education leadership course series. We are proud to see, because of these new opportunities, an increase in the number of applicants and enrollments.

Perhaps one of the most exciting times of the fall season is our commencement ceremony where we highlight the success of our graduates. As you may know, last year’s commencement ceremony took place virtually due to the pandemic. This year, I am proud to say CSU will hold an in-person commencement ceremony in October to commend our 2021 graduates. Whether you are there in person or there in spirit, know we are so proud of you and we cannot wait to celebrate your efforts.

We are incredibly blessed with you, our students and alumni, and appreciate your commitment to CSU.

Ken Styron

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