May 30, 2024
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An Update for LifePace and Veterans Flexible Enrollment Students

Dear Students,

Flexibility is essential at Columbia Southern University. As a core component of our mission and values, the university defines flexibility as embracing change, working hard, and striving for continuous improvement. Through the lens of flexibility, our internal practices are audited, and at times modified, for the betterment of our students and the university.

Beginning Sept. 1, 2019, CSU’s LifePace Learning® and Veterans Flexible Enrollment students will begin each course with units 1 and 2 open. Once unit 1 has been submitted, unit 3 will automatically open. This is known as “adaptive release.” All remaining units will follow the same sequential schedule. The sequential opening of units grants students the opportunity to build a foundational knowledge of the concepts presented from one unit to the next, as well as offers consistent engagement with a faculty member.

Students will continue to have access to a full syllabus, which includes all unit information: outcomes, readings, assignments, rubrics, etc. Students will be able to use the syllabus to plan ahead and schedule time accordingly.

Students may continue to complete a course in four weeks or extend the course to as long as 18 weeks, while maintaining the flexibility to work at your own pace. Course completion will also not change for Veterans Flexible Enrollment students. This new approach will not impact course completion time, nor impact students financially.

Students who enroll in LifePace Learning® and Veterans Flexible Enrollment courses prior to Sept. 1, 2019, will complete their course within the current model. All students who enroll on or after Sept. 1, 2019, will adhere to the new model.

I appreciate your commitment to your education and for choosing Columbia Southern University.

Although this is a modest adjustment, I encourage you to reach out if you have any questions. Fine-tuning processes such as these is paramount to promoting continuous student success, as well as encouraging sound academic practice. I am confident that the adaptive release model will do just that. Should you have questions, please email or call (877) 323-4471.


Dr. Barry Goldstein
Provost, Columbia Southern University

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