July 23, 2024

Scholarship Recipient Overcomes Obstacles to Become a Leader in Safety

Jarrett Everett is a man with a “thirst for knowledge and advancement.”

Everett, who works as a safety advisor for an oil and energy company in Texas, has overcome many obstacles to achieve the professional success he has, constantly reaching toward higher goals.

“I come from a background of a very poor family. Right after high school, I was not able to attend college due to financial and family reasons,” he said. “I have worked early mornings and late nights. I’ve missed birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and many other important family days, just to have the opportunity to be a safety leader.”

His next goal is to complete his bachelor’s degree in occupational safety and health; this goal will now be possible for Everett since he was awarded the CSU Safety Scholarship, which will cover up to 60 credit hours toward his degree program.

“I am committed to being a safety leader in the oil and gas industry, and with a little help on the financial end of the spectrum, I will turn this dream into a reality,” he said. “One way or another I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in safety, but having this scholarship will definitely expedite the process. I am going places, I just need a little help getting there.”

Everett said he learned the value of education from a man he once worked with on a construction site in Lubbock, Texas.

“I was working nights and I was miserable to say the least. This great man was the engineering lead on this project. I was standing in the rain with mud up to the middle of my steel toe boots while he sat in his nice warm pickup. He cracked his window and called me over to talk to him.

He told me that no matter how tough it gets, if I’m going to be somebody, I need to be in school. I took those words to heart. I can’t wait until the day that I get to hand him an invitation to my college graduation.”

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  1. Kelly

    I’m so proud to have you as my safety counterpart. Keep reaching for the top and know that we are here for you and cheering you on.