June 23, 2024

Create a Study Space to Help You Focus, Succeed

When it comes to studying, where you study can be just as important as when and how often you study. The right environment can help you find the tone or mood to focus. A good study spot can really save you time in the end because it gives you the ability to focus more attention to your work rather than struggle finding a place with few or no distractions.

How do you find or create the perfect spot to study?

Mix It Up

First, there may not be one “ideal” spot. Instead, you can rotate between several study spots you like to give you a change of place and different feel. For example, sometimes you may prefer a quiet room or space alone while other times you may want to be in a café or at a park bench or table. Having multiple study spots allows you to alternate locations to avoid boredom and have a back-up plan in case a study spot is not available.

Get Comfortable, But Not Too Comfortable

One important factor to keep in mind in choosing a study spot that is comfortable. If you are physically comfortable while studying, you will get more done because your mind can concentrate on your work instead of distractions like temperature, posture, lighting, what you are sitting on, etc. Also, try to avoid studying on your bed. Treat the bed as a resting place only so you separate work from rest and avoid the temptation of that soft, inviting pillow.

Keep Study Materials Within Reach

Something else to keep handy in your study spot are your study resources. Laptop, pencil, pens, dictionaries, textbooks and paper should always be assembled before you start studying. This will help you make the most of your space and time. Constantly getting up to get this and that distracts you from your purpose and wastes time you could use for studying.

Keep Your Space Clean

Keeping your study space clean and organized is another way to make the most of your time and avoid distractions or problems. While “clean” may be relative, it is best to make sure you keep the study area wiped clean and get rid of clutter and junk. It is important to know where everything is and to be able to locate it quickly. Odors, messes and stains are easy distractors.

Study on the Go

Lastly, remember if you can’t get to your study spot when you have time to study, make the best of where you are. If possible, keep your class materials, textbook and/or notes portable for those days you have some downtime at work, time between flights, before or after work, etc.

Those precious moments can allow you to review for a test, read a chapter or check notes.  Places such as your vehicle, an empty conference room, a café or wherever you can find a quiet spot can serve as a quick study locale. In fact, it could become one of your alternate spots to study if you like it well enough.

For more tips, consult a staff member with the CSU Success Center. Specialists can also help you with writing and math assignments. The CSU Success Center is available at 877-875-0533 or

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