July 23, 2024

CSU Celebrates 25 Years

Dear Readers,

This year, we celebrate our 25th anniversary, our silver anniversary. To us, 1993 was a year of hope, unknowns and promise. While we didn’t know then how the following 25 years would play out, the establishment of Columbia Southern University laid the trajectory for who we would become, a university that still holds true to our original values. It’s these values—humility, service, excellence, flexibility, organizational health and relationships—that we still strive to share with our students and alumni.

Our anniversary is not only about sharing 25 years of accomplishments. It’s also about recognizing the tremendous growth that has occurred within our school and the dedication that has taken to get there. For a distance education institution, 25 years is truly a milestone. To get here took sleepless nights, countless hours of hard work and sometimes, time away from family. It is nothing short of patience, passion and tenacity that has carried CSU this far, and it’s those same values that will keep us pushing through to many more years to come.

Thank you,

Ken Styron


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  1. venkatesh subramaniam

    wish a great and phenomenal success in future and adding more and more courses taking into current reality into consideration