June 23, 2024

Scholarship Recipient Elizabeth Newman Dedicates Education to Late Brother’s Memory

Columbia Southern University has presented Elizabeth Newman of Hendersonville, Tennessee, with the 2022 Mimi Mayes Families Forever Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to family of fallen members of the U.S. Air Force.

The last 12 years of Newman’s life have been a journey to opening doors for herself by furthering her education. She holds two associate degrees, a bachelor’s degree and is now pursuing her MBA. Newman says if earing a master’s degree has taught her anything, it’s that she is capable of doing more than she ever imagined.

“My life experiences have made me resilient, dedicated, strong, determined, fair, critically thinking, open-minded and hard-working,” she said. “I know what I want and I’m willing to do the work needed to reach my goals.”

Newman lives by the standard of working hard and earning the things she wants in life rather than expecting them. This was a value she shared with her brother, Senior Airman William Newman, who died in action at the age of 23.

“My brother who was killed had a life dream to go to college to become an engineer, and that is why he joined the Air Force after high school,” she said. “Unfortunately, he never made it, and I think of his dream as I work on mine. Part of my education is dedicated to his memory.”

Newman is working to join the ranks of leadership within her current company and knows earning her MBA will help open that door.

“Although it isn’t a requirement, obtaining my graduate degree shows my current leaders that I am determined and will do whatever it takes to reach the next steps.”

Life hasn’t been easy on Newman, but she continues to overcome adversity and serve as an example of where hard work can take you.

“I know that I never want the life I have worked so hard to leave behind,” she said. “My life experiences have shaped the way I see the world and the way I see the type of leader I am striving to become.”

The Mimi Mayes Families Forever Scholarship will cover up to $25,200 on one online degree program. The scholarship will be applied directly to the recipient’s tuition for up to three years or until the completion of the selected online degree program, whichever comes first. The scholarship is named after one of CSU’s co-founders, Mimi Mayes.


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