April 15, 2024

Alumna, Professor Abimbola Farinde Proves Educational Upbringing Will Last a Lifetime

Abimbola “Abby” Farinde has always had a passion for teaching. As the daughter of a professor, education was engrained in her as a child.

Even while reflecting on her past, she recognizes that education was instrumental in changing her family’s life. Now, she gets to play a vital role in seeing education transform the lives of others.

“My father is a retired professor of mathematics and geography, and he always stressed the importance of education from a young age because it served as a gateway to success for him,” she said. “Education enabled my father to leave his homeland of Nigeria and come to America where he became exposed to a myriad of opportunities as a result of his academic pursuits.”

Farinde had a front row seat to observe the knowledge her father gained all thanks to his education. If she learned anything, it was that she wanted to follow in his footsteps.

“I have always viewed education as a catalyst for positive changes in the life of any individual who makes the conscious decision to pursue it.”

Farinde stayed true to her words and holds a Master of Public Administration, a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Public Health from Columbia Southern University. She had previously completed her doctoral degree in clinical psychology prior to taking on her educational pursuits at CSU.

Not only is Farinde a CSU graduate, she is also a professor within CSU’s College of Business, where she teaches in the area of health care administration. She also likes to incorporate psychology, when relevant, into her courses, a subject that she is passionate about.

“The study of psychology and mental health has always fascinated me to where I always found time to read and watch anything I was exposed to in this area,” she said. “I strongly believe that the study of psychology has the ability to change lives and provide answers during the more challenging times.”

Farinde is a member of Literacy Now, an organization dedicated to empowering children and their families through literacy. She also serves on the board of Diverseworks and the Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol. In 2021, Farinde was honored by The Association of Addiction Professionals with the Davida Coady Gorham Medical Professional of the Year Award.

The influence that education has had on Farinde’s life is evident and being an educator is something she believes she will be doing for the rest of her life.

“This passion has allowed me to grow and flourish to where I am now given the great opportunity to help mold the minds of future generations,” she said. “To someone who is on the fence about earning their degree, I would say that it is an investment in your future. It will not only be a worthwhile experience but help to open up doors to a variety of opportunities.”

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