July 23, 2024

July 2021 Scholarship Roundup

Danica Miller | Criminal Justice Scholarship
Danica Miller of the U.S. Virgin Islands is the recipient of the Columbia Southern University criminal justice scholarship. A paralegal, Miller plans to use this scholarship to learn more about the criminal justice system.

“I have numerous family members in the law enforcement field, from being a police officer, to being a lawyer, to even being a district court judge. One would say that it is embedded in me to uphold a career in the legal field given my family history,” said Miller. My ability to continue my studies worry free will prove as a good example to my children that it does not matter what life throws your way, if you set your mind to it, you can achieve it.”

With this scholarship, Miller will pursue a Bachelor of Science in criminal justice administration.


Kendalyn Sarka | Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship
Kendalyn Sarka was recently awarded CSU’s Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship, a scholarship dedicated to recognizing the sacrifices made by the family members of America’s military men and women, and public safety personnel (firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMTs and dispatchers).Sarka’s husband Ryan is a staff sergeant in the Air Force.

“A wise mentor once told me ‘once you align your skills and your passion, you become unstoppable.’ That is exactly what my goal is while completing this education,” she said. “My skills have always been mathematics and financial accounting and I have always been passionate about helping people. Once I discovered this degree in business administration and finance, I knew it was meant for me. When I complete this degree, I will be able to align my skills and my passion for helping people.”

Sarka plans to pursue a Master of Business Administration with her scholarship.


Paul Gal | Learning Partner Scholarship
Paul Gal of Oswego, Illinois, is the recipient of CSU’s Learning Partner Scholarship. Gal’s family immigrated to the U.S. from Poland in 1994, when he was 4 years old. Today, he is a firefighter and paramedic for the Oswego, Illinois, Fire Department.

“I am always looking for ways to better myself. In fact, I have just earned a bachelor’s degree through Columbia Southern University,” he said. “Now, I would like to challenge myself by earning a master’s degree. I have people that are counting on me. I have been challenged many times throughout my life and I overcame them. I am ready to challenge myself again and earn this master’s.”

With this scholarship, Gal will pursue a master’s in emergency services management.


Brandye Bolender | Safety Scholarship
Brandye Bolender of Auburndale, Florida, was awarded CSU’s Safety Scholarship. After witnessing a traumatic experience at the workplace, Bolender has shifted her career focus to pursue occupational safety and health.

“My goal is to keep employees and non-employees safe from illness, injuries, and disasters…to become an advocate for a safer and healthier workplace,” she said. “Safety can be a way of life. I plan to utilize my education from Columbia Southern University to the fullest to be the best safety professional I can.”

Bolender earned her bachelor’s in occupational safety and health from CSU. With this scholarship, she plans to pursue her master’s in safety.


MSgt. Aaron Shields | Air Force Recruiting Service Blue Suit Scholarship
MSgt Aaron Shields was awarded the Air Force Recruiting Service Blue Suit Scholarship on June 15, 2021, in San Antonio, Texas. This scholarship was created in partnership with the Air Force Sergeants Association.

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