June 22, 2024
CSU Doctor of Business Administration Graduates

Doctors of Business Administration Students Defend Doctoral Dissertations

The following Doctor of Business Administration students recently defended their dissertations. Congratulations to all!

Dimaris Medina-Cortez
Non-profit Fraud Detection and Prevention Techniques from a Leader’s Perspective

Catherine Croke
CSR Perception Influence on Philadelphia Young Professionals: Career Attraction and Expectations

Duwayne Darby
Influence of Employee Culture and Transformational Leadership on Employee Job Satisfaction

Debra Davati
Determining the Role Social Media Plays in Affecting Revenue in Virginia Hospitals

Alfreda Hill
How Can Leadership Training Help Managers Manage Rumors in an Organization?

Ben Holman
The Mediating Role of Absorptive Capacity on the Relationship Between Business Analytics Capability and Small-to-Medium-Sized Enterprise Performance

Michelle Ingram
Relationships between Nonverbal and Written Miscommunication and Conflict in Culturally Diverse Workplaces

Sabrina Lane
Leadership Styles and Generational Cohort of Management and Generational Cohorts of Non-management effects on Non-management Employees’ Intent to Turnover in the Delivery Service Industry

Lisa Brown-Newman
Small Business Success: Understanding Financial and Nonfinancial Critical Success Factors within a Beauty Salon

Milagro Perla
Long-Term Orientation, Extroversion and Small Business Ownership of Indian Asian and Americans: A Quantitative Study

Rakimm Rogers
Resilience and Employee Turnover Intention: A Correctional Study

Aurelia Ryes
Strategies to Decrease Unethical Behavior in the Banking Sector: A Qualitative Case Study

Madeline Smith
The Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Equity within the Business to Business Sector

Alyona Spokoiny
The Relationship of Employee Engagement and Job Satisfaction to Organizational Commitment

Glen Wegge
Midwestern Small Business Owner Participation in Business Social Performance

Lorenza Wilkins
Artificial Intelligence and the Recruiting Process: Identifying Perception of Bias

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