July 22, 2024

Course Updates: Course Name Changes, Closures, Launches

Academic program directors and faculty consistently review programs to ensure courses align with and meet the needs of our students. At times, programs and curriculum offerings require modification. These changes will launch on the dates listed in the chart below. Please note that the launch dates will vary by enrollment option (LifePace Learning® or term).

The following courses will be updated with new course numbers, prefixes or names. *Course launch dates after Jan. 1, 2021, may be updated due to unexpected circumstances.

Course Name/Number Changes
New Course # New Course Name Current Course # Current Course Name LifePace Launch Term Launch
PHY 1301 Physics I PHS 1110 Principles of Classical Physical Science 7/15/2020 1B21
HIS 1303 United States Military History I HY 2000 American Military History I 5/27/2020 1A21
HIS 1304 United States Military History II HY 2020 American Military History II 5/27/2020 1A21
HIS 1305 Western Civilization I HY 1010 Western Civilization I 5/27/2020 1A21
HIS 1306 Western Civilization II HY 1020 Western Civilization II 5/27/2020 1A21
POL 2301 United States Government PS 1010 American Government 7/1/2020 1B21
RCH 8303 Quantitative Data Analysis DBA 7310 Statistics for Business Decision and Research 7/1/2020 1B21
MAT 1302 College Algebra MAT 1302 Algebra I 7/29/2020 2A21
MAT 1303 Algebra and Trigonometry MAT 1303 Algebra II 7/29/2020 2A21
POL 1301 Introduction to Political Science PS 2000 Introduction to Political Science 7/29/2020 2A21
CMJ 6320 Graduate Capstone in Criminal Justice MCJ 6374 Special Topics in Criminology and Criminal Justice 7/29/2020 2A21
COM 2301 Professional Communication CM 1010 Professional Communication 9/2/2020 2B21
MKT 5304 Strategic Brand Management and New Product Marketing MBA 5861 New Product Marketing 11/4/2020 3B21
RCH 7302 Doctoral Writing and Inquiry into Research DBA 7420 Doctoral Writing and Inquiry into Research 11/4/2020 3B21
PHY 1302 Physics II PHS 1120 Principles of Modern Physical Science 12/2/2020 4A21*
MGT 6303 Project Stakeholders MBA 6941 Managing Project Teams 12/2/2020 4A21*
PUH 6320 Public Health Capstone PUH 6303 Public Health Administration 12/2/2020 4A21*
HIS 1301 American History I HY 1110 American History I 1/20/2021 4B21*
HIS 1302 American History II HY 1120 American History II 1/20/2021 4B21*
MKT 5302 Strategic Digital Marketing MBA 5841 Strategic Marketing 1/20/2021 4B21*
RCH 8301 Quantitative Research Methods DBA 8149 Business Research Methods 07/01/2020 1B21

The following courses will be closed to enrollment on the dates in the chart.

Course Closures
Course # Course Name Final Enrollment Date
BHM 4400 Resort Management and Operations 7/1/2020
CHE 6306 Community Health Interventions 7/1/2020
CHE 6307 Diversity in Health Education 7/1/2020
HCA 3304 Principles of Epidemiology 7/1/2020
HCA 4304 Project Management for Health Professionals 7/1/2020
PUH 5306 Public Health in Genetics 7/1/2020

The following new courses are scheduled to launch on the dates listed in the chart. *Course launch dates after Jan. 1, 2021, may be updated due to unexpected circumstances.

New Courses
Course # Course Name LifePace Launch Term Launch
HUM 2301 Historical Tour of Italy 5/27/2020 1A21
COM 1301 Introduction to Communications 7/1/2020 1B21
LIT 2301 War in Literature 1/20/2021 4B21*
RCH 8302 Qualitative Research Methods and Designs 1/20/2021 4B21*
PHI 2302 Contemporary Ethics 2/17/2021 5A21*

If you have questions about these changes, your enrollment or degree completion, please contact your academic advisor.


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