June 22, 2024

Student Joseph Simmons Hosts Safety-Focused Podcast

Joseph Simmons is passionate about the world of safety. While doing all he could in his role as safety advisor for Continental Labor and Staffing Resources in Bakersfield, California, he wanted to find a way to reach a wider audience.

So, he took his message to the airwaves and started a podcast: “The Culture of Safety.”

The podcast, which began in January 2020, covers a variety of topics pertinent to safety professionals, and features open discussions with subject matter experts. Past episodes have covered topics like “safety culture,” “education vs. experience” and “fatigue in the workplace.”

Simmons is currently pursuing his master’s degree in occupational safety and health with a concentration in environmental management from CSU.

“I selected CSU for its reputation as a challenging school where a solid foundation of education could be obtained,” he said. “What I didn’t realize was all the additional benefits of freeing my mind. This school has forever changed my life in ways I could have never imagined.”

Simmons’ hope is to find ways to give back to his fellow safety professionals. Through his education and now his podcast, he has found many ways to do so.

“There are many benefits the education from CSU provided me. The first, and most important, was that the education developed me intellectually,” he said. “The education made me look outside of myself and understand the world through new lenses. CSU challenged me to become wiser, understand my responsibility as an active member of the safety community and give back and serve others.”

The podcast also discusses the importance of a good education, something Simmons talks about behind the microphone and in his daily life.

“Although the path can be difficult at times juggling school, work and family, the personal development is second to none,” he said. “If someone is on the fence about if a degree is needed or not, I would tell them that many jobs are now requiring degrees to even be considered. Many certifications also require a solid foundation. The education from CSU develops a well-rounded safety professional that is able to manage almost any company. CSU develops the individual and prepares them for a management position.”

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