July 22, 2024

Master Sgt. Ruben Zamora Completes Second CSU Master’s Degree

Master Sgt. Ruben Zamora is a decorated member of the Air Force, currently serving overseas as a superintendent of traffic management. Serving in the military for 18 years, Zamora knows all about navigating deployments, new duty stations and building a strong team.

Throughout a robust career, he has been able to raise a family and earn two degrees through CSU.

“In my line of work, our schedules and our time are both limited and never the same, and the ability to complete your education on our time is perfect,” he said.

Zamora has earned an MBA in human resources and a master’s degree in organizational leadership. He uses the knowledge he acquired through these two programs to manage his team in different environments and situations.

“As a leader of up to 74 people, there is no better field to have studied. Leading and managing people from all over the world with different work ethics and upbringings is not an easy task but with the things I learned, it is a manageable task,” he said. “Life in the military changes in a moment’s notice and the only thing that is constant is change. Both of these degrees have been instrumental in my daily life.”

Zamora always dreamed of earning a college education and found the military’s tuition assistance program to be the gateway to make that dream a reality.

“I was able to complete my first degree using military tuition assistance and the second one after I was awarded the Air Force Sergeants Association 2017 Non-Commissioned Officer of the Year award,” he said. “Making the decision to get a second master’s degree was easy as I knew that it would benefit me beyond what I could have imagined. It would give me the tools to use throughout my daily life, as well as make me a competitive employee in the civilian sector once I hang up the uniform.”

Zamora has made lasting connections with CSU representatives who are also military veterans.

“Many of the people I have come in contact with from the CSU family have been fellow service members,” he said. “When I was looking for schools that were competitive in programs and military friendly, I came across CSU, and I am so glad I did.”

“The benefits that I have gained from my programs at CSU are wide-ranging and still happening today,” he said. “I have been able to utilize the skills I learned throughout my life as a senior non-commissioned officer, I am able to speak and lead people more effectively, build a strong team and connect with my co-workers.”

Zamora is proof that nothing will stand in your way if you are dedicated to accomplishing a goal.

“I tend to work 10 to 11 hours every day; I am responsible for a large number of people. On top of all that, I am a husband and father to three beautiful daughters. While many would say that free time is an issue, there is always a way for those who are dedicated and willing to make personal sacrifices.”

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