February 21, 2024

Allentown Fire Captain James Kutz Awarded Learning Partner Scholarship

Capt. James Kutz of the Allentown (Pennsylvania) Fire Department recently earned a special scholarship through his department’s Learning Partnership with Columbia Southern University.

Kutz, a graduate of CSU, will use the scholarship to further his education with another online degree.

“My goal is to now continue with CSU and pursue my master’s degree in emergency services management…perhaps even continuing further into other fields of study,” said Kutz.

The scholarship was awarded as part of the Learning Partner program that Allentown Fire Department has with CSU. Through the partnership, employees and their immediate family receive a 10 percent tuition discount and are eligible for the Learning Partner scholarship.

Kutz believes in helping others and his community. That is one reason that he, his wife and coworkers spearheaded an effort to create Hounds on Working Leashes (HOWL), a nonprofit that provides lifesaving equipment to emergency service canines.

“Last year, more than 30 canines died in the line of duty,” said Kutz. “Our goal is to help prevent further deaths by providing ballistic and stab-proof vests, as well as vehicle safety equipment to prevent heat-related deaths and protection from vehicle collisions.”

“So far, our organization has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and provided over 50 custom-fitted ballistic/stab vests to canines in Pennsylvania, Florida, Montana and New Jersey.”

Kutz added that HOWL has provided canine safety inserts, vehicle temperature sensors, as well as other safety devices.

“Working in the community is tremendously rewarding and furthering my education will only enhance that work for the better.”

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  1. Elizabeth Eiland

    Congratulations on the scholarship and welcome to CSU! I applaud your efforts for the canines. Sometimes a dog is as brave as any man. Thank you for your service and protection for all who serve.