July 23, 2024

Sound Waves of Safety: Blaine Hoffmann’s Journey from Podcaster to Author, Celebrating National Safety Month

At the heart of Blaine Hoffmann’s journey lies a deep-seated passion for making a difference. Although Blaine eventually found his calling to be safety, it wasn’t always his first choice.

As a child, Blaine wanted to join the military after high school. High school sports injuries delayed the possibility of joining the service. It wasn’t until a friend took a job at the local fire department, that Blaine decided to give it a shot for himself.

“It seemed exciting and something I was interested in trying out,” he said. “Then I met my wife, and the rest is history.”

After spending some time as a firefighter, it was a tragedy that hit close to home that prompted Blaine to make a career change.

“I was looking to get into fire prevention and education with a local department,” he said. “While taking leave, I planned on completing courses at the Ohio State Fire Academy when a tragic accident occurred, and a fellow firefighter and officer were killed. The decision my wife and I made was to see if I can apply my skills in the general industry. That is when I decided to pursue occupational safety and health management. I wanted to transition from firefighting to a field where I could continue to protect and promote safety in the workplace.”

Blaine’s first step in his career change was to learn more about safety by earning a degree. He enrolled in the master’s program in occupational safety and health management at CSU.

“The program equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of occupational safety and health management principles, strategies and best practices, enhancing my expertise in the field,” he said. “It opened doors to new career opportunities and enabled me to progress professionally, transitioning from firefighting to a very successful career in workplace safety and eventually launching my own consulting business.”

Despite initially walking into unfamiliar territory, from firefighting to the private sector, Blaine found the confidence to take risks and explore new areas beyond traditional career paths. This led to the creation of the SafetyPro Podcast in 2014.

“My time as a safety consultant required me to get creative with how I delivered safety content to some clients. One client asked me to record some safety talks so they can train their area managers on how to lead one. This planted the podcast seed and since has allowed me to not only consolidate my own learning but also to empower and educate fellow safety professionals.”

Blaine (right) interviewing former CSU Outreach Representative Paul Radke (left).

One mission of his podcast? Recognizing the importance of building a strong and supportive community of safety professionals. This led him to create a community site for fellow safety professionals.

“This platform serves as a hub for safety professionals worldwide to connect, collaborate and share insights on industry trends, challenges and best practices,” he said. “By facilitating open dialogue and knowledge exchange, the community site aims to empower safety professionals to enhance their skills, expand their networks and collectively drive positive change in workplace safety.”

Following his podcast success, Blaine authored two books dedicated to enhancing workplace safety: “Rethinking SAFETY Culture” and “Rethinking SAFETY Communications.”

Throughout his career, Blaine has been honored to receive several safety awards, recognizing his commitment to excellence and dedication to promoting safety in the workplace.

“I have had the privilege of assisting over a dozen companies in achieving OSHA VPP STAR status, thanks to the experience I developed during my time at CSU, in developing and implementing effective safety management systems that meet the highest standards of occupational safety and health.”

Although Blaine has received many physical awards, he believes the true reward lies in the profound fulfillment he finds in his career in safety.

Since safety has always been a passion of Blaine’s, it is only fitting that his love of safety has rubbed off on his daughter who is currently enrolled at CSU in the same program he completed.

Blaine and his daughter, Allison Hoffmann

“I was honestly surprised when she said she wanted to change majors and go into workplace safety,” he said. “There is so much I want to tell her, share with her, about what I have learned! But I also realize she needs to learn it for herself as well.”

Looking to the future, Blaine is determined to persist in advocating safety excellence, leaving a lasting impact on individuals everywhere.

“From my early beginnings as a firefighter to establishing myself as a workplace safety professional, each step of my journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to protecting the well-being of others. In essence, my journey is a testament to the transformative power of education, perseverance and community. It is a reminder that with dedication, courage and a shared commitment to excellence, we can truly make a difference in the world.”

To listen to Blaine’s podcast and learn more about his work, visit The SafetyPro

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