June 23, 2024
Scholarship Roundup Graphic

June 2024 Scholarship Roundup

Regan Aeschliman
Regan Aeschliman has been awarded the Knight Scholarship. She currently works for the Iowa Department of Public Health where she is project director of the First Responders Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Program.

“I have worked diligently in my program to increase public awareness of addiction and to strengthen confidence in the community to involve outside care into their lives to improve patient outcomes,” she said. “I know my work, and the work of many others in the field, is contributing to improvements in Iowa; furthering my education will help continue these efforts and make a difference in my community.”

With this scholarship, she plans to pursue a master’s degree in public health.

“Although the cost of education is monumental, it is also invaluable,” she said. “I wish nothing but to continue working toward my goals and completing an MPH, putting my passion and education into practice to improve the health of our communities.”

Dwight Shorter
Dwight Shorter of Sevierville, Tennessee, is the recipient of the 2024 Fire Scholarship. He currently works in emergency services with the Pigeon Forge Fire Department (PFFD).

“Seven years ago, I started a career at PFFD located in Tennessee,” he said. “After practicing as a paramedic for several years in southern West Virginia, it allowed me to learn some of the diverse situations a paramedic could face in their careers, The largest problems I have seen happen to be in a subject that I am passionate about- cardiac arrest. Working through the department, writing policies and educating the department on the most efficient way to resuscitate a cardiac arrest has drastically improved in cardiac arrest survival rates.”

With this scholarship, Shorter plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in fire administration at CSU.

“The community is my main concentration of wanting to peruse a degree,” he said. “The community needs my degree more than I need my degree. Being awarded this scholarship from CSU will give the community an added layer of safety. This scholarship will impact more than just myself or my family, but it will impact the over 14 million visitors that come through my response area annually.”

Ashley Heintjes
Ashley Heintjes of Hopelawn, New Jersey, was recently named the recipient of the 2024 FDNY Scholarship. Heintjes, an EMT with the FDNY, is looking to pursue a bachelor’s degree in emergency medical services administration with this scholarship.

“I feel like I have fought for this and been as patient as I can be in waiting for my chance to complete my degree,” she said. “The CSU/FDNY Scholarship will give me the opportunity to feel secure in my education and allow me to complete my degree at a pace more in line with my academic goals and intense motivation.”

Jenna Steege
Jenna Steege of Longmont, Colorado, is the recipient of the CSU Learning Partner Scholarship with her employer, the City of Boulder, Colorado. Steege works in the fire field and looks set an example to women who work in this male-dominated profession.

“Obtaining my bachelor’s degree will show women coming up behind me that they can do this job and that they can achieve goals they set for themselves despite the adversity that we will continue to face.”

Steege plans to use this scholarship to earn a bachelor’s degree in emergency medical services administration at CSU.

“The impact that a learning partner scholarship through Columbia Southern University would have on my life would be one that went beyond that of the financial aspect alone,” she said. “I have worked very hard to achieve what I have in my career thus far. Obtaining my bachelor’s degree would mean a great deal to me.”

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