April 14, 2024

Columbia Southern University Introduces College of Education, 7 Programs

Columbia Southern University (CSU) continues to grow its offerings to students with the addition of six degree programs of varied levels and topics, and one postgraduate certificate. The university is also introducing a new college, the College of Education, to house existing and future education programs.

The new programs include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Cybersecurity Concentration
  • Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management – Emergency Medical Services Concentration
  • Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Master of Science in Fire Executive Leadership – Organizational Leadership Concentration
  • Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Doctor of Organizational Leadership
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Emergency Management

(Left to right) CSU President Dr. Ken Styron, Dr. Freda Baddock, Dr. Tammy Cororan and Dr. Janell Gibson.

The Master of Education and Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction will fall under the new College of Education, which will be headed by Freda Braddock. Braddock, who holds an Ed.D. in curriculum and instruction, will serve as the dean and assistant provost for the new college.

According to Braddock, the college’s degree programs are designed to equip educators and future administrators with knowledge and skills to impact the lives of students by meeting them where they are in their academic abilities and cultivating their potential.

“We will strive to practice what we teach by empowering educators to reach all students – regardless of the labels that they have been given,” said Braddock. “Labels are meant for cans and not students. We believe that any student can learn and strive for success.”

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