May 30, 2024

Take 5 With Financial Aid Specialist Kelsey Harper

In her role as a financial aid specialist, Kelsey Harper’s goal is to ensure current and future students find a way to pay for college that works best for them. She helps with questions about the process of financial aid, financial aid eligibility, how awards are disbursed and more. She also processes FAFSA information, all required documents and sets up financial aid awards for students that are getting ready to enroll.

We asked Kelsey to share more about herself and what she loves most about her career:

  1. What do you enjoy most about your job? I enjoy the methodical aspects to setting up an award and I particularly enjoy assisting students with their financial aid questions. I remember how confusing and scary my financial aid was in undergrad, so I always hope to help students new to the financial aid process to have a better understanding and more confidence with getting their financial aid.
  2. What is your favorite CSU memory or moment? I’ve really enjoyed getting the chance to meet fellow CSU staff at this year’s events like Spring Fling and the Christmas Party.
  3. Considering your job, what advice would you give to a CSU student? Schedule a meeting with our meeting request option. We can carve out an entire hour just for all your questions and lay everything out as needed.
  4. As a CSU alumna, what program did you study and why? I recently completed my Master of Public Health. I originally chose public health based on my admissions counselor’s advice. Once I began my courses, I found I greatly enjoyed it and that it strongly reminded me of the skills I learned while I was in the Peace Corps.
  5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I enjoy reading, listening/playing music, listening to law and true crime podcasts, singing and playing video games. I also love walking and playing with my dog, Tell the People. (Yes, that’s her name… she’s from Africa and that’s a common dog name there).

Our financial aid specialists are here to help. Call the Office of Financial Aid at 877-316-8396 or email

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