June 23, 2024
CSU 2022 Scholarship Roundup

September 2023 Scholarship Roundup

Bradley Reddall
Columbia Southern University recently awarded Bradley Reddall of Phelan, California, the 2023 Robert G. Mayes Memorial Scholarship. Reddall works as a paramedic for the Department Health Agency.

“As a dedicated and passionate individual, I am deeply committed to giving back to my community through various avenues of service,” he said. “My primary role as a volunteer flight paramedic allows me to make a tangible difference in people’s lives during critical and life-threatening situations. By providing emergency medical care and transportation, I strive to ensure the well-being and safety of individuals in need.”

In addition to his role as a paramedic, Reddall also serves as an EMS educator and has established a nonprofit organization aimed at supporting paramedic students.

“Through this organization, we offer financial assistance to aspiring paramedics, helping them pursue their dreams of becoming skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals,” he said. “By alleviating the financial burden associated with their education, we empower these students to focus on their studies and ultimately contribute to the betterment of our community’s health care system.”

Reddall earned a bachelor’s degree in fire administration at CSU in March 2023. With this scholarship, he plans to pursue a master’s degree in emergency services management.

Afara Lalaind
Afara Lalaind of Menifee, California is the recipient of the IAAI Scholarship. She currently works as an arson investigator, and is one of only two women in the ACTS Unit of the Los Angeles City Fire Department (LAFD).

“I have successfully served as a firefighter for the LAFD for almost a decade, and it requires constant learning and growth,” she said. “This scholarship would remove any financial burdens, allowing me to focus on my goal without worrying about financial restraints. It would provide me with the means to pursue higher education with the same grit I demonstrated when I received my associate degree in fire science with honors.”

With this scholarship, Lalaind plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration.

“Joining a network of individuals in the criminal justice and fire science field, having the opportunity to participate in internships, and engaging in seminars and conferences, will create a strong resource base for future engagement,” she said. “Education will foster my growth in my skills and confidence as an arson investigator.”

Tanya Monroe
Tanya Monroe of Wheatley Heights, New York, has been awarded the NYPD Undergraduate Scholarship. Monroe has been working as a police officer for 17 years with the New York Police Department.

“Working in this field is very rewarding and I am proud of my occupation,” she said. “My life experiences working in the police department has unquestionably prepared me for a degree in criminal justice.”

With this scholarship, Monroe will be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice administration.

“This scholarship will provide me with the opportunity to make more money and move up in my profession,” she said. “To move up in ranks within the New York City Police Department you need a bachelor’s degree as a prerequisite. I currently have an associate degree which allotted me the opportunity to become an officer. Now, since my children are getting older and I have 17 years of experience as officer, I would like to focus on going back to school and advancing in my career.

Arthur Tsui
Arthur Tsui of Fresh Meadows, New York, is the recipient of the NYPD Scholarship. Tsui has been a member of the New York Police Department for more than 16 years.

“I am determined to make a difference and change in the city where I was born, worked and lived,” he said. “I have always been passionate about furthering my education and training outside of work. My parents were among those residents who developed 9/11-related cancers and succumbed to the disease. Since my parents passing, I’ve made it my mission never to let what happen to them happen to anyone else. I became a first responder to make a difference.”

With this scholarship, Tsui plans to pursue a master’s degree in emergency services management.

“I hope my life experiences as a cop and my desire to pursue my master’s degree in emergency management will better equip me to serve my community and provide new career opportunities to serve my city during a crisis,” he said. “I also hope that with the degree, I will be a voice for victims like my parents, hoping that history does not repeat itself.”

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