June 23, 2024

Take 5 With Admissions Counselor Matt Brust

In his current role as an admissions counselor, Matt Brust guides students through the very first steps of becoming a student: deciding on the degree program that aligns with their career goals, assisting them in getting the evaluation process started and anything else in between.

In September, Matt will be celebrating his 11th year at Columbia Southern University. We asked him to share more about himself and what he loves most about his career:

  1. As a former CSU student, what program did you study and why? I studied the Master of Science in organizational leadership program to further my career and to also gain insight on learning strategies as it relates to leadership. I really enjoyed getting a firsthand perspective on how convenient and manageable taking courses and working full time can be. Topics that piqued my interest included business ethics, intercultural management and organizational innovation to name a few. I really enjoyed having the ability to take courses around my schedule and the fact that all the coursework is done online was a key factor in my ability to make it work.
  2. What is your favorite CSU memory or moment? There are many favorite memories and moments throughout my time at CSU. From the Christmas parties to Fall Bash, Spring Flings and who can forget food days! I really enjoyed the opportunity to attend the Lead-U Leadership program as well as the Global Leadership Summit.
  3. What do you enjoy most about your job? One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is that I have the privilege to work with students from all over the country from a multitude of backgrounds and career fields. I take great joy in being able to connect with our students by building relationships and getting them started on the right track. What brings me the most joy though is knowing that I can have an impact on someone’s future education as well as their career goals by providing them the tools they need to be successful.
  1. Considering your job, what advice would you give to a CSU student? I think that momentum is key, and it is imperative to get off on the right track. I tell students to make sure to carve out enough time throughout the week to work on their assignments and to create a routine of submitting assignments. Make working on your assignments habitual and reward yourself when you have completed things early. I would encourage them to not be afraid to ask questions and to take advantage of their resources such as the Math and Writing Centers, CSU Online Library, academic calendar and course schedule, and of course, read the CSU Communicator!
  2. Can you explain your role in admissions? I help students by providing them the tools and resources to allow them to be successful. Encouraging students to know that they are supported along the way and to reach out for assistance if they need it is crucial. Building trust and relationships with prospective students as well as providing exceptional customer service are at the core of my responsibilities.

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