June 23, 2024
CSU Doctor of Business Administration Graduates

2023 Doctor Of Business Administration Students Defend Doctoral Dissertations

The following Doctor of Business Administration students recently defended their dissertations. Congratulations to all!

Michelle Sims
A Quantitative Analysis of Work Values of Air Force Employees in the Financial Management Field

Jeffrey Hughes
A Quantitative Analysis of the Difference in Mean CSR Scores between Black and White Employees in the Midwest Financial Services Sector

LaShawn Hampton
The Impact of Social Media in Star Level Athlete Recruitment to HBCU’s

Wedzerayi Mashangu
The International Organization for Standardization 21500 Standard’s Influence on Capital Expenditure Project Effectiveness

Uzezi Itesa
Leadership Styles, Flexible Work Arrangements and Turnover Intentions

Shanna Knowles
Generation Z Individuals Working in a Remote Work Environment: Organizational Commitment and Authentic Leadership as Predictors of Job Satisfaction

Sheila Hunter-Tellez
The Influence of Leadership Behaviors on Employee Commitment and Job Satisfaction

Darlene Tysinger
The Efficacy and Utility of Human Resources Practices on Perceived Organizational Performance: A Quantitative Non-Experimental Study

Arjun Kathayat
Leadership Style as a Predictor of Employee Safety Performance in the Oil and Gas Industry

Scott Mayott
The Difference in Job Satisfaction between Letter Generational Cohorts and Education Levels of Human Resources Professionals

Jarrah Garner
The Correlation between Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intent of Millennial Secondary School Teachers

Remelia Pryor
A Quantitative Study of the Relationship between Employee Engagement, Job Tenure, and Job Satisfaction of Human Resource Professionals Who Work Remotely

Luper Noah
Exploring Strategies for Scaling Innovative Digital Transformation Business Models at the Enterprise Level for Sustainable Growth

Sheila Roe- Boston
The Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover Intent Among Healthcare Workers in Illinois

Alysia McMillan
A Qualitative Case Study: Strategic Planning, Financial Decisions, Marketing Strategies for Insurance Entrepreneurs in Times of Crises

Rosanne Moon
A Qualitative Correlation Analysis Examining Work-Related Quality of Life, Tenure and Job Satisfaction in the Logistics Field

Jenniese Carter
Identifying Strategies for Innovative Recruiting Processes

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