July 21, 2024

Dad, Daughter Duo Earns MBA Degrees

Chris Cebollero has had many titles throughout his life: president, author, CEO, leader, speaker, student, EMT—the list goes on. Most recently, Cebollero added CSU graduate to his list of titles.

While he has taken on many titles, perhaps his most valued role is one of a father. As Father’s Day approaches, Cebollero’s daughter, Angela, will be able to give him the best gift yet, not only by celebrating his earned diploma, but because she will get one too.

After completing her bachelor’s degree, Angela Cebollero played with the thought of pursing an MBA. Because Chris earned his bachelor’s at CSU in emergency medical services administration, he was able to introduce her to what CSU offered. Angela was ready to become a CSU Knight, but under one request—her dad get his MBA with her.

“My dad is someone that told me to think about higher education,” she said. “I was a bit scared to undertake this journey, so I asked and really begged him to do it with me. I wanted to follow my dad in being a second-generation student.”

Most people would see this challenge as a hassle, but Chris saw it as an opportunity; An opportunity to advance his education, but more importantly be there for his daughter along the way.

“This has been a great experience for both of us to be part of this amazing program,” he said. “Any time you can increase your knowledge, opportunities will follow. As a leadership specialist and motivational speaker, the curriculum has allowed me to bring a deeper understanding of business to my company.”

As Chris grew in knowledge, Angela grew in confidence as she understood this program was about much more than just taking classes.

“I always had a challenge when it came to school and education. This really was a confidence killer. You start questioning if you are smart or not able to learn,” she said. “One of the biggest things was my confidence level increased and I started feeling better about myself. I actually felt this was my transformation into adulthood by taking these courses.”

Both Chris and Angela have completed their final courses in the MBA human resource management program and are set to attend graduation this fall at CSU. For now, Chris plans to celebrate his achievement with his daughter and family and urges others to join their child on their college journey.

“If you have an opportunity to take the same journey with your son or daughter give it a go. It is a great experience that has brought us closer,” Chris said.

Angela is giving her dad one of the best Father’s Day gifts he could receive—a successful end to a journey together. Chris and Angela graduated with hard-earned degrees, but the two would argue they earned much more — a new bond.

“This was a great experience. If you have the chance to take a program with your mom or dad, you should. I will never forget this time with him,” said Angela. “If you have a dream of completing your higher education, CSU is your partner. If you are scared or nervous beg your mom or dad to take the program with you. It worked for me.”

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