April 17, 2024

December 2021 Learning Partner Scholarship Roundup

 Shelby Dockery
Shelby Dockery of Morris, Alabama, is the recipient of the Learning Partner Scholarship through the Jasper Police Department. Dockery currently serves as a police officer and looks to use this scholarship to pursue a master’s in criminal justice administration.

“I will use this education to the benefit of the rest of my career in law enforcement, making better informed decisions as I potentially move into higher levels of administration within the department,” said Dockery.

As Dockery prepares for retirement within the next few years, she hopes to pass along her knowledge in a classroom setting at a colligate level.

“Upon retirement, I would love to be teaching full time in either humanities, theology or philosophy, but I also greatly enjoy criminal justice and would be pleased to teach this and help prepare the next generation of professionals for their chosen careers,” she said. I have greatly enjoyed policing, but I believe I will greatly enjoy teaching as well.”

Aamanda Carrier
Aamanda Carrier of Cypress, Texas, is the recipient of the Aldine Fire and Rescue Learning Partner Scholarship. Carrier has worked in the fire service for over 11 years beginning as an administrative assistant and currently the department’s office manager. With this scholarship, she is looking to complete her bachelor’s degree in human resource management and continue to earn her master’s.

“With my degrees, I will be able to provide our district hands-on expertise in human resources management and offer the necessary foundation needed to successfully run the department. Human resources is one of the components I have always been a part of here, yet there is so much more for me to learn moving forward.”

Shawnta Price
Shawnta Price was recently awarded a Learning Partner Scholarship through the city of Winter Park, Florida. Currently the city’s program coordinator for parks and recreation, Price is looking to move up the ladder in her job and one day become the director for her department.

“I have a lot of experience, but I feel my MBA teamed with my experience will set me apart from everyone else,” she said. “Getting my master’s was always on my mind, but I kept pushing it off. With me currently going through career changes, I figured there’s no better time than the present.”

Taylor Roper
Taylor Roper of Nashville, Tennessee, is the recipient of the Learning Partner Scholarship through the Nashville Fire Department. Roper is a single mom working full time for Nashville Fire Department as a paramedic. With this scholarship, she has hopes of pursuing her bachelor’s degree with CSU.

“The degree program I have chosen to pursue, emergency medical services administration, will be perfect for me because I have the unique perspective of starting at the bottom and having an outside perspective of the EMS system as a volunteer,” said Roper. “I’ve now held jobs as an EMT and paramedic at multiple agencies, which have all given me unique leadership skills that will assist me in being an effective leader and student in an EMS administration program.

A future goal of Roper’s is to be named district chief of her current department and her degree will get her one step closer to that position.

“Not only does the fact that I will have a bachelor’s degree award me extra points during the promotional process, but I feel that pursuing this particular program through CSU will also better prepare me to be a very qualified candidate for that position and teach me the skills needed to be an effective leader once in that management position.”

Micheal Winkler
Micheal Winkler has been named the recipient of the Learning Partner Scholarship through the North Carolina State Firefighter’s Association. A citizen of Greenville, North Carolina, Winkler serves as an emergency medical technician and firefighter. He has a passion for serving his community and has since 2004 when he started as a volunteer firefighter.

“Firefighting goes so much deeper than just putting out the fire. Analyzing a scene, putting together a scenario and solving it is crucial at so many different aspects,” he said. “My life experiences have given me an interest in making my community a place where people can feel safe.”

Winkler is looking to pursue a bachelor’s in criminal justice administration with a concentration in fire science with this scholarship.

“I was a correctional officer at one point in time and have seen the array of problems that the system faces not only from workforce challenges, but all the way to the mental health of inmates that go unaddressed,” said Roper. “An education in criminal justice will allow me to build the skills and knowledge that I need to help to resolve these issues.”

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