April 15, 2024

Jaleesa Davis Awarded Mimi Mayes Families Forever Scholarship

Columbia Southern University recently presented Jaleesa Davis of Toledo, Ohio, with the 2020 Mimi Mayes Families Forever Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to family of fallen members of the U.S. Air Force.

Davis plans to use the scholarship to pursue an MBA in human resource management with CSU in order to obtain a full-time position in her career field.

“The best way to find a better paying job is to have knowledge that makes me stand out. This scholarship will help break me out of that loop and lead me to be more knowledgeable about all the aspects of my career which will help me accomplish my career goals,” she said.

Davis holds a master’s degree in English as a second language. She moved to South Korea to teach English in 2016. After returning to the U.S., she eventually moved to Toledo to teach English language at the University of Toledo.

Congratulating Davis on her award were Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr., U.S. Central Command commander, on behalf of the Air Force and CSU President Ken Styron.

“I was struck by the passion she has for education, specifically teaching English,” added Styron. “She stated in her scholarship application that she was drawn to becoming an English teacher because she loves interacting with different cultures, and seeing her students go on to an American university. I applaud her for this as our university has students from more than 14 overseas countries with a campus in Vietnam.”

The Mimi Mayes Families Forever Scholarship will cover up to $25,200 on one online degree program. The scholarship will be applied directly to the recipient’s tuition for up to three years or until the completion of the selected online degree program, whichever comes first. The scholarship is named after one of CSU’s co-founders, Mimi Mayes.

Columbia Southern Education Group, the parent company of CSU, has partnered with the Air Force Families Forever program since June 2019 to offer a scholarship to Air Force survivors, one of many initiatives implemented to help fulfill the program’s mission to provide support to survivors of fallen Air Force personnel.

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