June 22, 2024
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Course Updates: Course Name Changes, New Course Launches

To maintain consistent and coherent curricula, Columbia Southern University is transitioning many of our course prefixes and numbers to a new course numbering system. Due to this effort, we will be updating and communicating more courses with new course prefixes/numbers over the next several months. We have included below the list of courses whose course names, prefixes and/or course numbers will be affected by this change through March 2021. We have also included a table with all new courses that will be launched through March 2021. We will communicate updates on a monthly basis to keep you aware of course availability.

As always, we are here to assist you if you have any concerns or issues. Please reach out to your academic advisor directly or with any questions.

Course Name/Number Changes
New Course # New Course Name Current Course # Current Course Name Date of Change
MGT 6303 Project Stakeholders MBA 6941 Managing Project Teams 9/29/2020
MKT 5304 Strategic Brand Management and New Product Marketing MBA 5861 New Product Marketing 11/4/2020
PUH 6320 Public Health Capstone PUH 3603 Public Health Administration 12/2/2020
ENV 4301 No change in course name. BEM 4001 Pollution Prevention 1/20/2021
HIS 1301 No change in course name. HY 1110 American History I 1/20/2021
HIS 1302 No change in course name. HY 1120 American History II 1/20/2021
ITC 4306 No change in course name. ITC 4453 IT Infrastructure Management 1/20/2021
MKT 5302 Strategic Digital Marketing MBA 5841 Strategic Marketing 1/20/2021
CMJ 2302 No change in course name. BCJ 2001 Theory & Practices of Law Enforcement 2/17/2021
FIN 3301 No change in course name. BBA 3301 Financial Management 2/17/2021
LDR 4302 No change in course name. BSL 4040 Communication Skills for Leaders 2/17/2021
MKT 5305 No change in course name. MBA 5871 Business-to-Business Marketing 2/17/2021
HCA 5302 No change in course name. MHA 5101 Legal Foundations of Health Care 2/17/2021
PSY 3301 No change in course name. PSY 3019 History & Systems of Psychology 2/17/2021
MGT 6302 No change in course name. MBA 6931 Project Management Strategy and Tactics 3/24/2021
MKT 3301 No change in course name. BBA 3201 Principles of Marketing 3/24/2021
FIN 4302 No change in course name. BBA 4301 International Finance 3/24/2021
MKT 8301 Marketing Research and Survey Analysis DBA 8230 Marketing Research and Competitive Strategy 3/24/2021
ITC 4301 No change in course name. ITC 4010 System Analysis & Design 3/24/2021
MKT 5303 Marketing Research and Data Analytics MBA 5851 Marketing Research 3/24/2021

 The following new courses are scheduled to launch on the dates listed in the chart.

New Courses
New Course # New Course Name Launch Date
LIT 2301 War in Literature 2/17/2021
PHI 2302 Contemporary Ethics 2/17/2021
RCH 7301 Critical Thinking for Doctoral Learners 3/24/2021



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