June 23, 2024
2020 virtual commencement

CSU to Host Inaugural Virtual Commencement Ceremony

In light of COVID-19 and Hurricane Sally, Columbia Southern University (CSU) is adapting its annual in-person commencement ceremony into a virtual event to be held on Friday, Dec. 4, 2020. The inaugural virtual ceremony will host approximately 900 graduates and their loved ones as they celebrate their landmark academic achievements from the comfort of their homes.

“As an online university, we look forward to meeting our graduates and their families every year during commencement and open house,” said Ken Styron, CSU president. “Since circumstances prevented that from happening this year, we are hoping all will join us for this inaugural event and celebrate safely in a virtual space.”

In addition to the online conferral of degrees and remarks from CSU faculty and staff, the Baldwin County-based university is encouraging its graduating students from all over the world to submit video snippets of their own at-home celebrations, which will be shared during the virtual event.

The ceremony will be available on the CSU website for viewing on-demand. For more information about CSU’s commencement ceremonies or events, visit

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