June 22, 2024

Delta Air Lines’ Damian Navas Awarded Reach Scholarship

Damian Navas immigrated to the United States with his family at the age of 9. Since then, he has been working hard and finding opportunities to accomplish his version of the American dream – not just for himself, but for his daughter too.

Navas works in the technical operations department for Delta Air Lines. He has been promoted twice in the two years he has worked there and is hoping to work his way up even further. Through the Columbia Southern Education Group Reach scholarship, he will be able to earn his bachelor’s degree and put his goals in motion.

The Reach scholarship is awarded annually to one Delta employee and covers up to $23,400 in one online degree program at either Columbia Southern University or Waldorf University. Navas has decided to pursue his bachelor’s degree in business administration from CSU.

Navas is a goal-setter. In addition to the goal of completing his degree, in the next two years, he would also like to be awarded the aircraft maintenance technician training with Delta. After that, he would like to move into a leadership role.

“Whether I achieve a duty manager position or a project manager position, I am certain that obtaining this degree, plus the years of experience I will acquire in the industry in the process, will help me demonstrate the ability to lead cross-functional projects,” he said.

Navas said the recent birth of his daughter, and watching his wife go back to school soon after giving birth, has encouraged him to also be a good example by achieving his goals.

“Having a scholarship to help me earn my degree will put both my wife and myself on track towards becoming successful individuals who can teach their daughter that—even in the face of adversity—if you persist and stay focused on your life goals, you are bound to achieve them.”

Navas is looking forward to growing, learning and applying his knowledge to others on his team.

“I am a strong believer that under the right management, any company on any field can succeed. That is what I aim to be, the right candidate for the career I seek to succeed in,” he said. “My life will be filled with satisfaction and encouragement to others who seek to prosper in an ever-expanding industry like the one that is the aviation field.”

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