June 22, 2024

Course Number and Name Updates

The Academic Program Directors and faculty consistently review programs to ensure courses align with and meet the needs of our students. At times, programs and curriculum offerings require modification, including the removal or alteration of specific courses as enrollment options.

The following course numbers will close and new course numbers/names will launch on January 2, 2020 in the LifePace Learning® enrollment option and in Term 4B20 (January 22, 2020) in the Term enrollment option.

Academic advisors are the best source of information regarding these course number changes.  Please contact your academic advisor with any questions.

Current Course Number/Name New Course Number Name
BBA 2926 Introduction to Project Management MGT 3302 Introduction to Project Management
MAR 2251 Internet Marketing Principles MKT 3302 Internet Marketing Principles
BBA 3361 Professionalism in the Workplace BUS 2303 Professionalism in the Workplace
MSL 5100 Applied Research Project RCH 5302 Foundations for Research
FIR 3301 Fire Behavior and Combustion FIR 2303 Fire Behavior and Combustion
FIR 3302 Building Construction for Fire Protection FIR 2304 Building Construction for Fire Protection
FIR 3303 Introduction to Fire Prevention FIR 2305 Introduction to Fire Prevention
ITC 3001 Personal Computer Fundamentals ITC 2301 Personal Computer Fundamentals
ITC 3450 Introduction to Data Communication ITC 2302 Introduction to Data Communication

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