April 18, 2024

Safety Inspector Tevon Steward Levels Up Through Learning Partnership

Tevon Steward is a pipeline safety inspector with the Railroad Commission of Texas. When he was looking to stand out among his peers within the competitive Houston job market, he enrolled in OSHAcademy’s 132-hour OSH Professional program in 2016. At the time, he worked at an offshore oil rig and wanted to begin a career in safety.

“I have always been around OSHA and very familiar with it, but the certification program taught me material that I had forgotten and new material that I didn’t know,” he said.

It was through the OSHAcademy Learning Partnership that he heard about CSU. In 2016, Steward enrolled in his associate program and went on to complete a bachelor’s degree in 2018. He finished both degree programs with a 4.0 GPA.

“The OSHAcademy told me about the degree program at CSU in occupational safety and health. They also told me about the flexibility the school offered for working individuals,” he said. “After doing some personal research, I enrolled into CSU three months after finishing the certification program at OSHAcademy.”

He says the flexibility and real-world knowledge he gained from his degree programs gave him the edge he needed to excel in his career.

“The flexibility the school offered really allowed me to focus on my education without stressing about work. The instructors were very knowledgeable about the material and the school was highly affordable,” he said. “Achieving my degree has allowed me unlimited opportunities. I had the experience, I just lacked the degree. I now consider myself on the same level as most successful job candidates.”

Steward’s goal is to become a director of occupational safety and health, a leadership position that will allow him to apply the knowledge he received from both CSU and the OSHAcademy.

“Receiving my degree in occupational safety and health from CSU will definitely put me on the path to achieving my goal,” he said.



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