June 23, 2024

Firefighter Casey Jones Teaches Cancer Prevention at IAFC HAZMAT Conference

The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) HAZMAT conference provides training, industry information and thought-provoking speeches to our country’s elite firefighters and hazardous materials responders.

Casey Jones, a firefighter and instructor with the Little Rock Fire Department, was selected to speak at IAFC HAZMAT. The class—“Structure Fires: The New HAZMAT Incident?”— was developed by Jones after taking one of his courses at CSU.

“I actually developed it shortly after taking my safety and survival course through CSU,” he said. “I am a huge supporter and advocate for firefighter health and safety, thus being both a fitness coordinator and peer support member for my department. Having been involved in hazardous material response for nearly 12 years, and being assigned to our department’s hazardous materials unit, it was only fitting that I create a course that focused on both health and hazardous materials.”

Jones’ course provides HAZMAT technicians with knowledge and instruction on cancer prevention within the fire service. He teaches decontamination procedures, product monitoring and other measures to limit exposure to cancer-causing particulates.

He previously presented his information at the Hotzone Conference in Houston, followed by a push to take the presentation to other hazardous material professionals.

“It ended up being a huge success, with over 100 in attendance and standing room only. I had multiple people ask if I would come and teach it to their department,” said Jones. “Shortly after, a member of the IAFC suggested I submit the program for delivery at the IAFC conference in Baltimore. I submitted it, and it was accepted out of over 200 applicants.”

Jones has also been approached by physicians at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center to present his course at the inaugural National Firefighter Cancer Symposium at the University of Miami. He credits these opportunities in large part to his time at CSU.

“Throughout the pursuit of my degree I have been able to incorporate many of the things I have learned into my career,” he said. “Personally, I have gained better communication skills and self-discipline, as well as a continued desire to learn. Professionally, I have gained credibility among peers, increased my time-management, and opened multiple career advancement opportunities that I would have never had before.”

Jones earned his bachelor’s in fire administration in 2019.








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