September 21, 2023

Third Thursdays: A Library Webinar Series

Written by: Becky Brunson, Reference and Outreach Librarian

A university library is often the heart of its campus, a physical space where students go to study and get assistance with research. What happens, though, when both the university and the library are online? Where do students go for help? For CSU students, the answer is still “Go to the library!”

The CSU Online Library is designed to be helpful at all stages of the research process. In addition to articles and e-books in various online databases, the library also contains helpful research guides in all subject areas and video tutorials that demonstrate various research skills. As with all spaces, either physical or virtual, learning how to use the library and its databases can be a bit of a challenge for its visitors; however, studies have shown that it is a research skill worth developing. For example, in “Measuring the Academic Impact of Libraries,” DeeAnn Allison shows a positive correlation between library use and student GPA. Simply put, students who learn to use their university library often enjoy higher grades as a result.

The Third Thursdays webinar series arose out of a desire to help CSU students learn to navigate the library more effectively and find the best resources for their information needs. Students who have questions about how to use the CSU Online Library are invited to join us on the third Thursday of each month from 6:00-7:00 p.m. CST to discuss library search tips and strategies with a CSU librarian. These instructional sessions are designed to provide students with a regularly scheduled time to learn how to make the most of their efforts devoted to library research. Information about navigating and using the library will be provided by a CSU librarian, and students will be given a chance to ask any specific questions they may have about library research in general or about any individual research projects.

A rotating schedule of session topics is planned in order to cover both basic and advanced search strategies, so attending multiple sessions is recommended. Students with busy schedules will be happy to learn that Third Thursdays webinars are also accessible on mobile devices. The Adobe Connect mobile app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Visit Third Thursdays for more information or to sign up for the next webinar.


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