May 29, 2024

Tiaona Winot Named Recipient of CSU Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship

Tiaona Winot of Peru, Maine, has been awarded the Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship. Tiaona works in a single dispatch center where she is the only dispatcher covering three towns for police, fire and EMS. She says there are many days that are extremely hectic and eventful, and it is those days that have taught her to always be prepared in life.

“It has prepared me to observe the emergencies that could be everywhere I go, and prepare for them,” she said. “Plan for the worst-case scenarios to happen, and I do believe that will be beneficial to my degree program.”

With this scholarship, Tiaona plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in emergency management with a concentration in emergency management.

“After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I would like to immediately enroll back into CSU for the master’s degree for an additional two years,” she said. “After I obtain my master’s degree, I would like to apply for a position with NASA as a director in emergency management or an emergency manager. While I apply and hopefully receive the position, I would like to continue my education and apply to CSU’s doctoral program.”

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