May 29, 2024
Scholarship Roundup Graphic

May 2024 Scholarship Roundup

Farooq Muhammad
Farooq Muhammad of Deer Park, New York, has been named the recipient of the 2024 FDNY Scholarship. Muhammad has dedicated nearly three decades to the emergency services field.

“I have risen through the ranks from emergency medical technician (EMT) to division chief, facing some of the most challenging disasters imaginable,” he said. “I survived the World Trade Center attack on 9/11, where, as a young EMT, I not only witnessed the horror but also engaged in the subsequent operations amidst the chaos. This early experience in my career set a precedent for resilience and adaptability, crucial traits throughout my service.”

With this scholarship, Muhammad plans to pursue a master’s degree in emergency management at CSU.

“I hope to leverage my extensive field experience and academic achievements not only to excel academically but also to prepare for a future where I can make even greater contributions to emergency management and public safety,” he said. “My journey through emergency services has been a real-world education in itself, teaching me about leadership and the human touch that’s essential in our field. As I hope to step into this graduate degree, I’m ready to build on my experiences and bring even more knowledge to those I serve.”

Rachel Severinsen
Rachel Severinsen of Tooele, Utah, has received a Learning Partner Scholarship with Infinite Digital. Over the next few years, her goal is to transition into marketing management, fostering a network among women in business within the Salt Lake City area.

“I envision utilizing my experiences to empower women rebuilding their careers after the devastations of abuse, divorce or medical crises and equipping them with skills for personal development.”

With this scholarship, she plans to pursue an MBA at CSU.

“An MBA serves as a pivotal tool in achieving these objectives,” she said. “First, it provides a comprehensive understanding of marketing strategies, consumer behavior, and market analysis, crucial for stepping into marketing management roles. Through specialized courses and practical experiences, I can refine my marketing acumen and leadership skills, positioning myself as a competent professional in the field.”

Jackie Conley
Jackie Conley of Ashland, Kentucky, is the winner of the FBINAA (FBI National Academy Associates) Scholarship. A proud graduate of FBI NA #266, Conley has used her own expertise to help shape future leaders in law enforcement.

“Being from Appalachia and working alongside professionals from diverse and highly educated backgrounds at the NA, I witnessed the caliber of leaders shaping the justice system’s present and future,” she said. “I became an adjunct professor, teaching criminal justice and computer forensics at Ashland Community & Technical College. These experiences underscored the importance of continuous learning for impactful leadership in today’s dynamic society.”

With this scholarship, Conley plans to pursue a master’s degree in public administration at CSU.

“Embarking on a master’s degree in public administration has been a long-cherished goal,” she said. “A master’s degree in public administration would equip me to address evolving challenges in criminal justice, public policy and community dynamics. The scholarship’s financial assistance would ease the burden of associated expenses as I focus on the work.”

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