March 4, 2024

Take 5 With CSU Safety Professor Dr. Patience Adagba

Dr. Patience Adagba has been a part of CSU’s College of Safety and Emergency Services since 2019. She specializes in teaching dynamic courses in occupational safety and health, including toxicology, advanced concepts in occupational safety and research in industrial ergonomics. With more than 16 years of experience in environmental, health and safety (EHS), she is committed to cultivating a culture of safety excellence.

We asked her to share more about herself and what she loves most about her career:

  1. As a safety professor, can you share some of your field experience? My professional journey includes pivotal roles in renowned Fortune 500 companies. Adept at translating safety theories into pragmatic applications, I have collaborated with industry leaders, seamlessly integrating real-world case studies into coursework to bridge the gap between theory and practice. My expertise encompasses the design and implementation of innovative safety excellence and management systems, embedding best safety practices into organizational cultures. As a safety advocate, I am deeply invested in staying at the forefront of emerging safety trends and technologies. This commitment has led me to explore data science and business analytics, empowering organizations to proactively navigate the dynamic EHS landscape. Engaging with professional networks, I contribute to conferences and publications, currently serving in the ASSP’s Women in Safety Excellence (WISE) to mentor young safety professionals. My passion lies in equipping the next generation with the knowledge and mindset to proactively address safety challenges. My track record extends beyond academic achievements, showcasing a proven ability to elevate organizations’ safety capabilities, protect workers and the environment and manage reputational risks.
  2. What do you enjoy most about your job as a professor? In my role as a professor, achieving a triple-win is my ultimate goal. The satisfaction derived from witnessing students embark on transformative journeys, observing their confident progress toward educational goals and contributing to the institution’s mission is immensely rewarding. Success, in my view, is when students feel valued, actively engaged and takes personal responsibility for their learning. My dedication extends to enhancing the experience for all students, not solely the high-achievers. I find joy in inspiring students to comprehend complex concepts, nurturing critical thinking and observing their transformative journey toward becoming knowledgeable and empowered professionals. This dynamic process fuels my passion for teaching and underscores the profound impact education has on shaping future professionals.
  3. Why should someone choose a degree in safety at CSU? Choosing a degree in safety at CSU offers more than just cost savings. Our program unlocks a realm of curiosity in safety sciences, seamlessly translating theoretical knowledge into real-world applications. The flexibility of our program schedule empowers learners to integrate work experiences in real-time, amplifying their overall safety professional expertise. This unique blend not only accelerates the learning curve but also provides a platform for simultaneous career development and education advancement. At CSU, we don’t just educate; we cultivate dynamic safety professionals who thrive in the complexities of the field, making a tangible impact from day one. Join us in sculpting not only your academic journey but a robust and flourishing career in safety.
  4. Do you have a favorite moment or memory with a student? One cherished memory involves a dedicated student who initiated weekly check-ins for the first month of her program. Remarkably detail-oriented, she leveraged this time to delve into research on Black women’s safety leadership in corporate settings. I found it brilliant that she not only sought mentorship from an industry expert—our interaction—but also used the opportunity to gain profound insights into the unique challenges faced by Black women leaders in the industry. It exemplifies the passion and initiative our students bring, turning routine check-ins into a platform for impactful exploration and collaboration.
  5. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? In my free time, I find fulfilment in mentoring STEM enthusiasts (the thrill of inspiring the next generation fuels my passion), curating flavors in the kitchen for my small, cherished family and exploring the world through travel. Whether guiding aspiring minds, creating magical culinary delights or exploring new corners of the world, these allow me to continuously learn and share experiences beyond the confines of work.

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