September 22, 2023

CSU Alumni in the News | April 2017

Two CSU Alumni to be Honored at DEAC Ceremony
Shanna Travis and Troy Coleman will be honored at the upcoming DEAC Outstanding Graduate and Famous Alumni program in San Antonio, TX on April 24. Cowboy Troy will be the recipient of the Famous Alumni award for his work within the entertainment industry over the past decade. Travis will be the proud recipient of the Outstanding Graduate award for her work as advisor to the deputy director, chief technology officer within the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Education and Hard Work Earns Officer a Promotion
Over the past 25 years, Katrina Johnson has worked her way up through the police ranks from patrol officer to investigator in Internal Affairs at the Birmingham Police Department. Sgt. Johnson attributes her success to her dedication and love for her career, but also recognizes the value in earning her master’s degree in criminal justice administration from CSU. In completing her degree, she was able to advance in her career and move from precinct evening supervisor to IA investigator.

El Paso Fire Department Appoints Permanent Chief
Mario D’Agostino has been serving as the interim fire chief with the El Paso Fire Department since December of 2016. D’Agostino has been appointed the new fire chief. He is a 25 year veteran with the El Paso Fire Department and has vast fire experience. Both make him the best leader to serve in his new role. D’Agostino earned his B.S. in fire science as well as an MBA with a concentration in public administration from Columbia Southern University.

Business Owner Shares Fitness Opportunities with her Entire Community
Joscelynn Baio is well known in her Buffalo community. She started the Town of Tonawanda fitness business many years ago which includes TRX, Zumba, Bokwa, cardio kickboxing, boot camp, Pound and one on one personal training. Baio is a certified Zumba instructor and personal trainer. Last year, she evolved her business to incorporate Zumba in the Circuit for those with special needs and thoroughly enjoys working with her all-inclusive population. Health is her passion, and she is happy to share it with everyone. Baio earned her B.S. in sports management from CSU.

East Bay Regional Park District Promotes Veteran Member
Captain Lance Brede was promoted to serve as captain for the East Bay Regional Park District. Cpt. Brede, a veteran of the EBRPD, will oversee 65 regional parks in California. Cpt. Brede has been with the EBRPD since 1993 when he began as a public safety student aide. Throughout his tenure, he has served as a helicopter flight officer, field training officer, detective, SWAT team leader and commander, and patrol watch commander. Cpt. Brede earned a B.S. in criminal justice administration from CSU.

Mann Packing Welcomes New Safety Expert
Jim Rodger has joined the Mann Packing organization as the new HR Team Supervisor. Rodger, a Navy veteran, will oversee all of the company’s facilities, as well as those structures that are offsite. He will be responsible for supervision and training programs for all employees regarding safety, policies and federal regulations. Rodgers earned his B.S. in occupational safety and health from Columbia Southern University.