University adopts mascot

Published on June 16th, 2014

The CSU Board of Trustees and President’s Council are proud to announce that the mascot for CSU will be the Knights!

“For years, we have been asked about a mascot,” said Director of Marketing Beau Vignes. “CSU is very proud to have the knight as our mascot to give our students and alumni a respectful image of school spirit, pride and unity.”

The knight, which holds a shield and sword, was chosen as a symbol of loyalty, honor and integrity. These three traits define CSU and its students and alumni. CSU displays loyalty to its students and alumni while honor lies in the student earning a degree to better himself, family and community. Integrity lies in CSU as a respected institution of higher learning and in the students and alumni as those seeking, or have sought, to achieve an education.

UPDATE: CSU students and alumni submitted names for the knight mascot, and in February 2015, the university announced the name “Sir Maximus.”

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