September 29, 2023

University adopts mascot

The CSU Board of Trustees and President’s Council are proud to announce that the mascot for CSU will be the Knights!

“For years, we have been asked about a mascot,” said Director of Marketing Beau Vignes. “CSU is very proud to have the knight as our mascot to give our students and alumni a respectful image of school spirit, pride and unity.”

The knight, which holds a shield and sword, was chosen as a symbol of loyalty, honor and integrity. These three traits define CSU and its students and alumni. CSU displays loyalty to its students and alumni while honor lies in the student earning a degree to better himself, family and community. Integrity lies in CSU as a respected institution of higher learning and in the students and alumni as those seeking, or have sought, to achieve an education.

UPDATE: CSU students and alumni submitted names for the knight mascot, and in February 2015, the university announced the name “Sir Maximus.”



  1. Simple J

    We all should be proud to be a knight! The valiant effort and boldness to become more educated for tomorrows battles has to be performed by someone. Why not by a KNIGHT!!!, why not by a knight full of VALOR!

  2. Charles Short

    Facultas, Facultas is defined as: power, means, opportunity, capacity, ability, stock. So, how about Sir Facultas?

  3. Rafael V. Acosta

    I am so proud to be a Knight! I suggest the name of Knight Of Knowledge. In the words of our President, “As you know, mascots are an important part of the collegiate life and serve as a symbol of unification and identity for students and alumni. I am very happy with the mascot as it represents CSU well.” So, the Knight of Knowledge would encompass that vision!

  4. John Craig II

    I like the name, “Arthur”….his knights of the roundtable were supposed to represent all that is good and true in the world,…loyalty, honor and integrity, just like CSU and it students and faculty.

    Yes, Arthur was a king but, you have to be knighted before you can become a king…at least according to the movie “Excalibur”.

  5. Carol Williams

    CSU Knight will be known as Knight William named after Knight William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke.
    Knight Marshal was brave, loyal to his employers and a great advisor. He was known as one of the greatest knights of his time. List of 10 Most Famous Medieval Knights, He was an undefeated knight and a great statesman. “Marshal’s life was governed by his oaths of fealty and by his own innate sense of honour.” William Marshal
    List of 10 Most Famous Medieval Knights,
    William Marshal
    Earl of Pembroke

    Knight William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke depicts the image the CSU portrays thru its mascot, loyalty, honor and integrity.

    I love the colors for the knight (blue and silver) but on his shield should also be the schools crest. This is just in time for graduation.

  6. Kaitlin

    I find it very ironic that for my undergrad my mascot was a Trojan and for my grad our mascot is a Knight. Some fighter I must be to stay in school and finish my degree. I love the name suggestions especially “Dark Knights” because it is always dark outside when I finish my assignments because I work during the day. I couldn’t really give another suggestion at this point.

    Proud to be a Knight of Columbia Southern.

  7. Thomas

    NICE DESIGN…when can we expect to see some school merchandise with this new logo?
    Sweatshirts, hats, and long-sleeve shirts for starts would look real nice.
    Proud to be a KNIGHT

  8. Nichelle

    Love the mascot and the name, now I’m just waiting on merchandise with the new logo. Would love to have it before we have college shirt day at the middle school I work at.


    How about “Knowledge” the Knight.
    Knowledge is power. “Knowledge” is the Knight of Learning!

    Also, I think “Sir Robert the Knight” on behalf of CSU’s founder would be very honoring.

  10. John G Cleary

    Proud to be a CSU Knight! Great design cannot wait until we can get some gear from the store!!

  11. Rollin Jacques

    Looking forward to getting CSU gear with the logo of “Ex Calibre” on it. Ex Calibre represents all the things that CSU stands for. Using any common name begs for easy abuse from jealous people who cannot measure up to being a knight.

  12. Ray McElroy

    Was a name ever picked for the CSU Knight, and “where is the Knight”?
    I cannot find anything on CSU web pages about it.

    1. Claire Stewart

      Hi Ray! The CSU Knight is named Sir Maximus and he has been traveling the country! You can keep up with him on CSU social media outlets!

  13. Chris

    When will the school have an athletic department? The Knights should be preparing for royal battle and/or competition to defend the honor of the Realm.

  14. Trelvis Griffin

    CSU offers online degrees to many students from all walks of life and different geographic locations. I think that there should be some kind of meet and greet event, where students would be able to meet their fellow KNIGHTS!!!!

  15. Gary W Scott

    Need help I applied here in Maryland for a Master’s Program and I was told that they do not accept my university standing.

    1. Libby Reilly

      Hi, Gary! We would love to help you out with this. Please contact your academic advisor so that they can help you with your individual needs. You can also email and include your student ID.

      Thank you,

      Libby Reilly
      Communications Coordinator
      CSU Marketing