April 13, 2024

Alumni: Submit Your Scholarly Writing to the College of Business Journal

Alumni, researchers, business professionals, faculty members and graduate students are invited to submit a scholarly paper for consideration to Columbia Southern University’s journal “Business Management Research and Application: A Cross-Disciplinary Journal.”

BRMA, published through the CSU’s Doctorate in Business Administration program, is a cross-disciplinary journal, publishing from a variety of disciplines including: business management, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, finance, fire safety, health care management, health services, human resources, information technology, marketing, occupational safety, project management and public administration.

Columbia Southern University President Ken Styron, DBA, recently published a paper in Volume 2 of the journal entitled “Forward-Looking Practices to Improve the Soft Skills of Software Engineers.”

To read Dr. Styron’s article and others, and to submit your research for consideration, visit Submissions may be uploaded to the website at any time. The deadline for publication in the June 2023 edition is Feb. 28, 2023; the deadline for the January 2024 edition is Aug. 31, 2023.

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