June 23, 2024

Washington Firefighter/Paramedic Named National Outstanding Fire Service Professional

Columbia Southern University fire administration faculty members recently selected Michael Miner of the Moses Lake (Washington) Fire Department as its 2022 Outstanding Fire Service Professional of the Year. Miner, a 2022 graduate of CSU, is also the president and executive director of Firefighters for Kids foundation, a non-profit group helping children in need throughout the Pacific Northwest.

“We help kids staying in the hospitals, children homes, homeless shelters and throughout the community during the holidays and other times of need,” said Miner.

Some of the ways the group helps include sending children to summer camps, paying for sports registrations, distributing winter clothes and helping families who have suffered loss due to fires.

“My mom died when I was 15. I was lucky to have older family members to help out,” he said. “I also had several people in my life who helped out in small ways that made a big difference in my life. I always wanted to pay that forward somehow, someway.”

Miner has worked with this fire department for five years where he is a firefighter/paramedic and acting officer. He has also worked with the Spokane County Fire District 9 in 2004 where he earned a training award and community service award.

This year’s Outstanding Fire Service Professional runner-up is Amber Stine, who is seeking her bachelor’s degree in fire administration and a firefighter/paramedic with the Fort Wayne (Indiana) Fire Department. She also teaches fire training at schools in Fort Wayne.

“I love knowing that I am helping to build the next generation of firefighters. Being able to teach the latest science, skills, and techniques to make firefighting safe for not only firefighters but the citizens we serve.”

Stine also serves to keep citizens safe as a combat medic in the Indiana Army National Guard, which she joined in 2010.

The Outstanding Fire Service Professional of the Year award was established as part of National Fire Prevention Week and to recognize CSU fire service students and graduates for their commitment to fire safety, professionalism and their accomplishments in the industry. For more information about CSU, visit

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