July 23, 2024
CSU Doctor of Business Administration Graduates

Doctor of Business Administration Students Defend Doctoral Dissertations

The following Doctor of Business Administration students recently defended their dissertations. Congratulations to all!

Porsche Jackson
Labor Law Exclusions- Misclassification of Employees: Which Carry the Most Weight?

Paul Jones
Leader Burnout and the Technological Industry: A Correlational Study

Karen Francisco
Generational Cohort and Employee Engagement: A Causal and Comparative Study

Kathy Dill
Recruitment and Retention of American Indian and Alaska Native Address an Undeserved Population

Arturo Canales
The Influence of Internal Control Financial Reporting on Corporate Share Value

David Mureeba
Internet Enabled Open Knowledge Communities and Voluntary Turnover Intentions of Gen Z

Tracie Lumpiesz
Impacts of Blockchain in the Business Promotion in Finance Sector

Montgomery Ambrose Beyer
Examining Organizational Embeddedness of Fulltime, Parttime and Contract workers within the values of Job Satisfaction, Pay, Supervisory Relationships and Promotion

Kenneth Captain
Consumer Decision Making and Quantitative Product Consumption

Megan Knutson
Social Media and Digital Advertising Influence: A Quantitative Study of Individual and Public- Collaborative Engagement for Online Advertising Among Latin Americans

Innocent Obwino
Multi-Generational Impact on Job Design in Kenya

Ada Walker
A Causal-Comparative Study on Burnout and Workplace Wellness Programs

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