April 13, 2024

Columbia Southern University Awards IAAI Scholarship to Brandon Sposit

Columbia Southern University and the International Association of Arson Investigators recently teamed up to present Brandon Sposit of Brunswick, Ohio, its annual IAAI Scholarship.

Sposit is currently pursuing his bachelor’s in fire administration degree. This scholarship will afford him the opportunity to complete this degree as he seeks to further his career in the fire service.

“When I am eligible for promotional tests, the knowledge I acquire from the degree program will hopefully allow me to score high enough to be considered for a leadership position. As a bonus, the degree also earns me additional points to help raise my score even more and may even be mandatory to have by the time I can take the test,” Sposit said.

Sposit is the deputy director of the Strongsville Fire and Emergency Services Department fire investigation unit in Strongsville, Ohio.

“Fire investigation always attracted me and after only a few years on the team, I was able to move into this leadership role,” he said. “This was a huge achievement. Being a fire investigator requires immense knowledge of multiple subjects such as fire science, fire tactics, building construction and fire law. The classes required for the fire administration degree are a way for me to improve my skill set as fire investigator.”

The IAAI scholarship covers up to 60 credit hours toward one online degree program and is made possible through a Learning Partnership between IAAI and CSU. Through the partnership, employees and their immediate family members receive a 10% tuition discount and no cost for an application to the university. Employees are also eligible to apply for exclusive scholarships.

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