September 29, 2023
policy updates

Academic Integrity Policy Update

Columbia Southern University regularly reviews policies in order to ensure their relevance, compliance with accreditation standards and their continued appropriateness for our diverse student body. As such, the academic integrity policy will be updated effective July 1, 2020. While a summary of changes is provided below, the policy can be reviewed in its entirety in the Student Handbook Addendum 3.1.

Summary of changes:
• Reorganization of policy for clarity and readability.
• Updated information related to various infraction definitions.
• Clarity regarding sanctions and outlining specific procedures for plagiarism.
• Addition of academic integrity probation status.
• Required training module facilitated by the Office of Student Resolution and Conduct for students meeting certain thresholds.
• Clarity regarding post-degree conferral academic integrity discovery.

If you have questions regarding this policy update, please feel free to contact the Academic Integrity Division within the Office of Student Resolution and Conduct at