April 15, 2024

Knight Leaders: ICP Systems’ C-Suite Comprised of CSU Alumni

When William Payne, veteran and CSU alumnus, founded ICP Systems LLC, he knew the company’s success would depend greatly upon the leaders he employed. He hired a team who would help ICP Systems grow, and when those employees were looking to accomplish further educational goals, he knew how to help.

“My decision to refer my leadership team to CSU was not a difficult one to make,” Payne said. “Being an alumnus, I understood CSU’s learning environment and platform. CSU is a reputable school with a strong history and worthy core values.”

Today, ICP Systems’ chief executive officer, chief financial officer, and vice president and chief operating officer are all CSU graduates.

ICP Systems is a professional services and technology firm that delivers flexible IT workforce solutions backed by subject matter expertise. The company portfolio includes projects for NASA that included initiatives in the White House, for the film “Hidden Figures,” “Time Magazine” and “National Geographic.”

Shareese Taylor earned her BSBA at CSU and has worked at ICP Systems for four years. As the company’s CFO, she says being a part of a small, dedicated leadership team has allowed her to learn many facets of her industry and the industries the company serve.

“It’s an environment that welcomes and permits you to roll up your sleeves and get involved. There’s always something new to learn and explore,” she says. “The government market is fluid; therefore, we adapt and respond based on the needs of our customers. I welcome the daily challenges and enjoy working in the market with my peers.”

She says working alongside her coworkers, who are also fellow CSU alumni, is a special dynamic.

“CSU played a role in my success. I find it to be incredibly unique and rare to work alongside fellow CSU alumni that includes the CEO/president and chief operating officer.”

Catina Burrell, vice president and COO, began working at ICP Systems seven years ago as a technical writer. She later was promoted to project manager, a position she always desired but did not think was possible without a degree. With encouragement from Payne and an introduction to CSU, Burrell earned her bachelor’s in organization leadership.

“ICP is a small business, so our leadership team is also small. We all have the same vision and dedication to the company and our employees. We have become a very cohesive team that piggybacks off of each other’s strengths,” said Burrell. “I always knew that in order to be a good leader, I needed the appropriate resources and knowledge to lead effectively. Earning my degree in organizational leadership provided me with those resources, and gave me the knowledge to not only be an effective leader, but to teach others to lead.”

According to Payne, 95% of his employees have a college degree, and through the ICP’s Learning Partnership with CSU, he is able to refer those who want to pursue additional education to a school he thoroughly believes in. He knows that this is the cornerstone for the future success of ICP Systems.

“I inspire others to give their best,” says Payne. “I’m sure there are not too many companies that can boast that their top executives all graduated from the same college. We are indeed a special group. It’s a great feeling and honor to be surrounded by fellow CSU alumni. We truly have something in common!”

This article was originally published in the CSU Alumni Magazine Fall 2019 edition.

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