October 4, 2023

Course Closure Notice

It is Columbia Southern University’s (CSU) commitment to our students to explore industry standards and consider viable options, which will not only meet the needs of our students but also prepare them to be successful in their communities and give them a competitive advantage in their chosen career fields. The university must continually review these industry standards to determine relevance and sustainability. As a result, there are times when we modify our programs and, in some cases, remove courses as enrollment options from the curriculum.

Please note that a decision was made to remove BSM 3901 – Sport Fundraising from the curriculum.  The course will remain available for student enrollment registration in terms 4A/B19 and 5A/B19.  Students enrolling in the Life Pace Learning online learning option must enroll by 4/09/2019.  Students are always encouraged to reach out to their academic advisor to discuss enrollment options. CSU is here to serve your academic needs.



  1. Osiris acevedo

    I have a question off this subject. I graduated in CSU Occupational Health and Safety program with a BS, a few years before CSU program was approved or evaluated by the BCSP so students can get acredited with a GSP. The students who graduated before that do not have that choice. When is CSU submitting the MS in occupational Health and Safety to the BCSP for approval?

    1. Brittany Gibson Post author

      Hi Osiris,

      CSU’s Master of Science in occupational safety and health was recently approved by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals as a Graduate Safety Practitioner Qualified Academic Program. You may find more information here: If you have additional questions, please email

      Brittany Gibson Fillmore
      Communications Manager