September 21, 2023

Alumni in the News | December 2018

Knight Leads Power Lineman Course

Eric Fontenot will lead a new power lineman course with South Louisiana Community College. The course will begin this winter and last 16 to 25 weeks. Fontenot received his bachelor’s degree in occupational safety and health from CSU.

Knight Named First Executive Director of Non-Profit Organization

Carrie Edge has been appointed as the first executive director of Elevation House, a non-profit organization in Rome, Georgia that provides psychosocial therapy and other resources to people living with mental illness. Edge is pursuing a master’s degree in public administration from CSU.

Knight to Begin New Role at Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office

Jimmy Milton will soon begin his role as assistant chief deputy and commander of law enforcement command. He was previously serving as the assistant chief deputy and commander of corrections command. He received his degree at CSU and also served in the FBI.

Knight Named Interim Deputy Fire Chief

Carrie Edwards-Clemons will be the first person since 2014 to fill the position of interim deputy chief at the Flint, Michigan Fire Department. She has worked with the department since 1999 and received her master’s degree in public administration from CSU.



  1. William S Spark

    I am a 2017 graduate with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice Administration. I will being starting a new position with Leidos in January as the Homeland Security Exercise Coordinator for the Federal Avaition Administration. All made possible because of my degree.