September 22, 2023

Moving Forward: A Television Show Hosted by Chantell Cooley

There’s a new inspirational television show on the airwaves with a unique tie to CSU. Chantell Cooley, senior vice president of Columbia Southern Education Group, is the host of Moving Forward, a 30-minute weekly inspirational television show.

As a successful American Christian entrepreneur and business woman, Chantell presents biblical principles of success, emphasizing practical steps to go to the next level. The show features guests from diverse backgrounds with powerful breakthrough stories and experiences from the world of business as well as ministry.

“So many people fail to reach their potential because they lack mentoring,” said Chantell. “For me, my television show, Moving Forward, is a mentoring tool. I want to inspire and motivate people with my story and the founding of CSU, but I also want to give them practical, real-world tips to help them advance in their careers and endeavors.”

Moving Forward can be viewed on GodTV, Isaac TV and the Christian Television Network. The show is designed to motivate viewers to break out of their ruts and strengthen their confidence so that they may approach their surroundings and experiences with impending success.

“As more and more people come to hear my story, I hope that they will be inspired not to settle for where they are. I want to motivate people to break out of the rut and advance themselves,” said Chantell.

You can learn more about Moving Forward and watch past episodes on the Chantell Cooley Ministries website.